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Prime ABGB

Prime ABGB

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Spearheading a revolution in the IT market by providing cutting edge productivity solutions to organizations and individuals. The promise of technology for us has also meant ever demanding customers consequently putting a pressure on us to constantly keep evolving our products and solutions. We have been proactively supporting our customers and our channel with updated training and information about our products and solutions. As a trendsetter, Prime ABGB is among the first few companies in India to start their online portal ( Now, is most sought after web portal among technocrats. This company is one of those rare few companies who is in IT market not just to make money but largely because they have always been smitten by the top of the edge technology solutions and products. As a true innovator Prime ABGB has been the quickest to respond to transition in the storage industry by introducing SSD’s fron OCZ in India in 2009. Taking this revolution in the storage industry to a different level, Prime ABGB introduced a specialised portal Objective is primarily to introduce and provide all ssd’s as various options on a platter.

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