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Paytm Movie Reviews: online shopping reviews for paytm movie

"Nice user interface"
4 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Booking a movie ticket through paytm was super easy. Easy and simple user interface makes it’s a super cool and user-friendly interface. Nice work guys.

Reviewed by: "Gurnam Bhullar" 2 years ago
"Amazing discounts"
3 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Thumps-up to paytm. Best deals and discounts on movie tickets helps me to watch almost every new movie released at first day first show. Best app for movie lovers like me.

Reviewed by: "Kanika Seth" 2 years ago
"Awesome payment procedure"
4 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Paytm has got an amazing and simple payment method. Just looks for the movie and timings, select number of seats and according to your preference. Then just pay, the money gets deduct from paytm wallet makes it super easy. Thanks guys

Reviewed by: "Mohammed Faheem" 2 years ago
"Very convenient"
5 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Booking a movie ticket at paytm is very convenient and easy. Not much complicated procedures and easy payment method is very cool. Paytm always serve their customers at best. You are the best Paytm.

Reviewed by: "Joel Ibrahim" 2 years ago
"Better then other apps"
5 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Booking a movie ticket on paytm is better then other apps as they have best offers, cashbacks and deals which makes it better then its competitors. Also they offers best in class service and is present in almost all the cities across the country. I’ve became a loyal cutomer of you paytm. Keep up the nice work.

Reviewed by: "Apoorva Rao" 2 years ago
"Very easy to use"
4 / 5

Movie Ticket: Booking

Great service with ease of use, best deals and prices and great customer support, You are the best, Paytm movies.

Reviewed by: "Akhil Kumawat" 2 years ago
"Got Discount"
5 / 5

Movie ticket: Booking

I am movie lover and watch every movie in the cinema. On weekend one my friend took me to the cinema. As we reached the there all the tickets were sold out. It was so disappointing for use. But then he used Paytm app to check out tickets for the next show. He booked discount even at the less price and also got additional cashback. Thanks Paytm!

Reviewed by: "Abhilekh Kashyap" 2 years ago
"Good offers"
5 / 5

movie ticket: Booking

Paytm movie app or website, Its like a revolution for movie lovers. Some people cannot afford expensive tickets from PVR cinemas. But now it will not happen anymore because it gives you a huge discount on a movie ticket. This is my personal experience I got 150 rupees cash back on October movie. Thank you.

Reviewed by: "Anil" 2 years ago