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In today’s world, everything becomes digitally now. From office work to personal work, every work we did online now and the internet is becoming so popular now. We find and learn a lot of new interesting things with the help of the internet. It has made our life easier and hassle-free. We all know everything has its own good or side effects and the scariest side of the internet is very dangerous. Some people hack our data when we save something on our device. So it’s very important to protect your data with Norton. Norton protects your devices from viruses that harm your device. Their high-quality multi-layer defense system protects your data from viruses. The main motive of Norton is to fight against cybercriminals, keeping them at bay. As we all know that cybercriminals are everywhere and are always looking for the important data that you have stored or share online. But now no need to worry when Norton is here. They have wide variety of products to everyone at reasonable prices. Services you will get Norton security standard, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton security premium, Norton utilities, Norton online backup and so on. When it comes to buying such products and services, everyone is looking for discounts and for that you have t use the Norton coupon codes and discount codes while doing online shopping. [Last Updated: January 2021]

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Say Yes To Security With Norton Antivirus Software

Norton Antivirus is developed by Symantec Corporation in 1991. It was developed for the security of the computer from anti-virus or anti-malware. In this technologically advancing time period where everything is going online and being getting possible with just one-click, Naturally the private data needs to be protected from unauthorized users access leading to attacks over web results in cyber-crimes. Well, here the work of Norton Antivirus starts. Norton security protects the computer from various kinds of threat including phishing and email-spamming. It is friendly to run over all kinds of platforms i.e. macOS, Microsoft Windows and LINUX which makes it more acceptable. So far Norton antivirus software has developed version from 2006 to 2016, adding on the protection and security features from viruses with time. It provides the customers with updated services by newer versions.

Services By Antivirus-NORTON

Norton Antivirus not only provides you with the updated versions but also a lot more different services that also as per the need and usage of the customers within the reasonable prices. The plans provided by Norton have a reasonable range and moreover it also provides various deals, discounts over the plans. You can avail of this offer by coupon codes, discounts for a specific time period. The user can choose suitable discounted antivirus plans accordingly.

The Product and Services by Norton are

Norton Security Premium

 The antivirus protection plan that involves the following benefits:-

  • Provides antivirus protection up to 10 PCs at a time.
  • 25 GB automatic online backup to prevent data loss with hard disk failures.
  • Awarded with AV-TEST Award
  • Provide tools for kids to browse safely.

Norton Security Deluxe

Assurance of 100% virus protection security from the moment you subscribe to any of the plans.

Provide protection to all kinds of operating systems whether it’s macOS, Microsoft Windows, and LINUX.

Alert about threats on the downloading of new apps on android.

Norton Security Standard

A comprehensive plan for PC and Mobile Devices. It provides real-time security from existing and emerging viruses. Awarded with AV-TEST Award. Advanced security helps to protect your financial information.

Norton Antivirus Basic

A strong security plan within the range of the user. It provides security from various kinds of viruses, spamming, hacking, etc. Add on to this, Automatic Updates to safeguard your device.

Norton Secure VPN

A suited plan for the customers that want to safeguard their devices having sensitive data like password bank details card details while using Public Networks on their devices.

Norton Mobile Security-For iOS

Norton is providing a special and suitable plan for all their I-Phone and I-Pad users to protect their devices from cyber threats by subscribing to this plan. iOS app has effective features for protection against the viruses and your personal information.

Norton Utilities

Utilities are add on tools provided by Norton, Some are:-

  • Maintaining mobile speed by fixing frequent system crashes.
  • Maintains digital privacy by erasing your download file history.
  • Remove unwanted startup programs that disturb the smooth working of the device.

Norton Family Premier

A plan for all your family members. This plan makes the web secure for kids as well so that they can learn more from the internet and can spend a little more time as well. This provides a safer area for kids to have an outlook over the Web.

Norton Utilities Premium

  • It provides easy One-Click optimization.
  • Automatic PC care when it’s even in idle state.
  • Cleans pc to protect unwanted breakdowns and system crashes.
  • Frees up space on your hard drive and allows faster access to programs.

GO DIGITAL-With Secure Steps

In today's digital era, when everything is online. It became very important to protect your sensitive and private data from the reach of an unauthorized person. Like daily new technologies are getting introduced, so the numbers of viruses are being detected at the same pace. It has become a requirement of the data being protected from threats like Malicious URLs, Hacking, Phishing, Online Banking Attacks and much more.

Subscription, Offer Details By Norton

  • When you purchase a plan, Subscription begins.
  • Always check for the E-mail - What to pay after subscription completion for better understanding.
  • You can cancel your subscription by contacting easily.
  • Norton Subscription includes protection updates and features of your plan
  • After purchasing a subscription, it will renew automatically after the first term as it is recurring.
  • Frequent offers, Promo codes, Discounts along best-awarded security.

Security From Antivirus At Reasonable Prices

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