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In today’s fast-paced times online shopping comes as a blessing to all the shoppers, especially mothers who want to get variety of outfits and accessories to adorn their kid right at the doorstep thus sparing time to spend with their child. Being an avid online shopper myself I was thrilled at the prospect of shopping online for my kid but after visiting many websites dedicated to baby’s stuff, I was unable to find those special little things and essentials missing in their repertoire which I could relate to my kid. Thus, backed by my strong knowledge and years of experience in corporate world, the fruit of love and labour was born in form of my website back in 2012, which houses one of the best stuff dedicated to kids. Now what began as any other e-commerce business soon made me realize how we were losing our self in the crowd. I started thinking how to make my website different than others where there should be something new and unique to offer to my customers. Taking a cue from the immense creativity I saw all around myself and I am sure even you do ,may be in the form of your closest friend , immediate neighbour or you yourself who is adept in creating something fashionable all own your own, I evolved my website as an avenue and made it my USP where mothers , can exhibit their products designed with love, care and not to mention of highest quality, thus making them available to cherish by everybody. This is a beginning of a beautiful journey and I hope more and more mothers get associated with my website as I strive to launch not only a product but a brand called MOTHER!

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