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Our routine is incomplete without reading a newspaper or a magazine. But, now you don't have to wait for newspapers sellers to read a magazine or newspaper. Get your favourite article or magazine just with a single click at Magzter. Magzter is the world's largest newsstand bringing the magazines digitally around the globe. This company headquartered in New York was founded by Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan in 2011. Just with a single click process, you get to read all your favourite magazines digitally and don't forget to browse the amazing Magzter offers and deals. You can explore the numerous categories they have sorted for you like travel, fashion, lifestyle, women's interest, men's interest and many more. Every top class magazine, you get here like Forbes, India Today, Business Today, Vogue and the list continues bringing you more than 8000 magazines. They have more than 4000 best publishers that publish their work globally under the shared revenue-based system. Download the Magzter app on any phone be it Android or Apple or on a tablet. You may directly log in to the website as well and read anywhere any time. Also, enjoy the benefits of being the member of Magzter gold membership that brings the numerous advantages and benefits. All you need to do is subscribe this membership and get to read more than 5000 magazines and premium articles. For all, you readers out, get ready to enjoy the double excitement with the Magzter deals and offers here at Dealsshutter. Read more and save more. [Last Updated: April 2021]

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Newspapers and magazines are the biggest sources of information that always keeps us updated with what is going around the globe. Sitting anywhere in the world, we come to know what is happening at the other places only through news, newspapers, and magazines. They contain everything whether business related, weather-related, fashion-related or any other ongoing problem in the world or any other hot topic. Since the era we are living is of digitalization, why even waste paper for making magazines when you can get them online. Magzter is the largest growing platform across the globe for making possible the availability of digital magazine. This online app is the world's biggest global digital magazine newsstand launched in June 2011 headquartered in NewYork. They launched the app to bring the news of the entire universe digitally and as made one touch process for all readers of magazines.

More about Magzter

Magzter is the online platform available every smart device. You can download this app on a tablet, phone be it Apple, Samsung or any other, or you may directly log in to the website Get all the top brand and high-class magazines that include Forbes, India Today, Filmfare, Vogue, Business Today and many more just with a single click. You can explore among the numerous categories they have made for you like Lifestyle, Business, Education, Men, women, children, entertainment, Travel and the list is non-ending. This online portal stands out of the rest by presenting the unique idea of a business that follows the revenue-shared model. This allows the publishers to digitally distribute their outstanding content digitally all around the globe with 'NO UPFRONT COST'. You get to choose from a vast range of collection of 10,000 magazines written by the popular 4000 publishers. Also, they have premium articles to read and get updated on what is currently happening in the world.

Magzter Gold Membership

The best service they provide is to be a member of the Magzter Gold Membership by just making a payment of Rs 399. This membership brings you a bulk of benefits and advantages. You get the provision of reading more than %000 magazine and premium articles at Magzter for a month. Who will like to miss the chance of being the gold member that is bringing so many services with a single click? It is just like a cherry on the cake when you know you are so much by paying so less.

Why Magzter?

This online platform continuously works and brings the best of the best services following the one single click process. They provide you the top class magazines that you may not easily get. Also, they have sorted every category in a very organized way that your kids can also read the magazines as per their age. They have made a very user-friendly website that can be used on any phone whether apple or android. Use this app and all you readers enjoy the experience of fun reading at any time and anywhere.

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Use the Magzter coupons and exciting deals to make huge savings. With every new magazine or article they launch, you will get an amazing Magzter offer or deals here at Dealsshutter which will not make you lose much money. All you readers out there get ready to enjoy ten times happiness that includes both reading and saving done together. You may Download the Dealsshutter app as well to get notified if any new offer is out with a launch of a magazine or article. Happy Reading!