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Mad Over Donuts(MOD) was started as a tiny Donut's brand in Singapore with big plans to make the world go, well "Mad Over Donuts". Now it is providing its services in India. Get Latest Mad Over Donuts Coupons and save more on Online Donuts Orders, Gift Packs, Waffles etc. Mad Over Donuts is currently available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi. [Last Updated: March 2021]

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Mad Over donuts:

Mad Over Donuts started his journey as a tiny donut brand in Mad Over Donuts. It has over 25 flavors which include fruit, glaze, chocolate and savory flavors. You should check our menu every time you order the mad over donuts because we swap seasonal flavors in between the year. Good News for vegetarian that our products are totally vegetarian in fact we do not contain egg or egg products. So around the world, anyone can eat mad over donuts and enjoy its delicious taste.

Unique flavors and amazing tastes:

Mad over donuts is a fried desert food which comes in various flavors and don’t wait and order your round shaped sweets confectionery which you will surely love it & that sweet treats give delightful experience with it’s warm, sugary and delicious taste. As we all know It has started in Singapore but currently across the world it makes you fall in love with its yummy taste. Mad over donuts has so many flavors all are having good taste but you can go for their classic donuts to experience the original flavors Or my original donut, assorted donuts, original sin, coco loco etc. Mad over donut you must try brownie crumble, chocolate therapy, salted caramel, cool blue ice, mocha truffle etc.

High-quality ingredients:

We bring the high-quality ingredients from around the world to give the best taste of your donuts. Donuts are fresh which you can enjoy the whole day. We have dozens of flavors for you which you can enjoy as per your taste. All donuts product are vegetarian even we didn’t use egg in that. So everyone can enjoy their favorite flavor of donuts with the cup of tea or coffee. Mad Over Donuts made its form in India, a few years back, doughnuts as a food group was largely alien to Indians. You can eat the sugar-sprinkled bun that was sold in packs of two at the local bakery & much more. So with its original flavors and great taste donuts has a great place in the food industry.

Order your sweet treats with DealsShutter:

Now you can order fruit, chocolate or savory flavors of donuts from and if you wish to check store which is near to you for that you can Check out the store locator section from our website & be sure to check DealsShutter Coupons code for getting the best discount on donuts.