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Little Shop

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Little Shop, incorporated in 1967 caters to the formative years of a child's life, from 0 to 12 years and has everything required, making childhood a special joy. Little Shop has stores in twelve malls in Kolkata in the most prime locations, namely Sout City Mall, Mani Square Mall, Quest Mall, Forum Mall, Forum Courtyard, Acropolis Mall, Lake Mall, City Centre 1, City Centre 2, New Market, Avani Riverside Mall and Forum Rangoli Mall. Little Shop has always believed in the policy of providing their customers with good quality products at the best possible prices. Customers travel from various parts of the country to travel to Kolkata, to shop for their children at Little Shop. The newly launched online store is an attempt to offer customers across the country, the opportunity to shop for good quality baby products in the convenience of their own home. Best prices, good quality merchandise and excellent customer service are the three principles on which Little Shop has taken the step to foray into the online business from their brick and model retail business.

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