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Lifeasy providing on-demand home-based services because nobody has time for their home cleaning issues. So lifeasy comes with the concept of solving these kinds of problems. Lifeasy solves and takes care of your home hold problems. The main aim of this company is to provide the wide ranges of home services in safe and reasonable prices within the given limit of time. Lifeasy provides 24 hours services to make your life easy by solving all your home-related issues. They have professional technicians that are always ready to satisfy their customers with their best quality services. They provide many services like home cleaning, home painting, pest control, water tank cleaning, movers & packers, Beauty services, and car spa. So if you want housekeeping and house cleaning services, just go with the Lifeasy app. This website becomes the most on-demand home-based service provider. Lifeasy gives their services in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, and Delhi. They give you the best quality services at your doorsteps. They also give you latest deals and offers. You can check all the offers at our website We are here for providing you the best deals and offers at our website. So go grab all the latest updates about deals of Lifeasy services. Just visit our website before you choose your service and save your money. [Last Updated: March 2021]

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What is Lifeasy?

Today everybody is busy with their work. Nobody has time to take care of their homes and homely problems. That's why Lifeasy is here for you. This company can take care of all your home cleaning issues. Lifeasy makes it easy for you and make it convenient for their customers. The technician works 24 hours a day to help their customers anytime at your doorsteps. All the workers and technicians are verified and professional and they make your service safe at reasonable prices. Lifeasy provides the fast services at your doorstep within two hours. Lifeasy makes your life easy with their own time services, reasonable prices, skilled professionals and the quality of services. Lifeasy gives you services of water tank cleaning, home cleaning, beauty services, pest control and many more. So if you were thinking of housekeeping and house cleaning services, just tap on to the Lifeasy.

Services Provided By Lifeasy:

Lifeasy provides many services like:-

  1. Water purifier:- Clean water is necessary for living being. So water purifier also needs proper cleaning so you can consume clean water. Hence Lifeasy makes your life easy with their services. Within just one call they arrive at your doorsteps and gives you the comfort of their services. The services they have provided are Replacement, installation, and repair.
  2. Pest control:- Don't let your house to be the home for the pest that gives you the unhealthy environment and sleepless nights. Lifeasy gives you the services of the pest control to kick out the little monsters, bedbugs, insects, and scary insects for your home. The services that Lifeasy provides is very quick at reasonable prices. The service starts from Rs 699.
  3. Car spa:- The service starts at Rs 450. A car is the most important part of our lives in today's era. As it needs some care too, So Lifeasy gives the proper refresh look to your car's exterior and interiors. And then all set to flaunt your car on road.
  4. Beauty services:- You can book your appointment at your home. Services are just started from Rs 99 onwards. Their professional beauticians are all set to give you a perfect makeover. So go and book your appointment.
  5. Home paint:- To paint a house is a tidy and difficult task and you think more than once before getting it done. Now Lifeasy makes it easy for you. You can leave all your worries on Lifeasy and just enjoy the services provided by them. Services start from just Rs 399.
  6. Home cleaning:- Every housemate keep struggling with the cleaning of their house. Now don't worry about that! Lifeasy is here for you. As their tagline says it all Don't just clean your home, get it deep cleaned by Lifeasy. They give you the best cleaning services at just Rs 899.
  7. Water tank cleaning:- Cleaning of the water tank is must because impure water is the reason for health problems and skin allergies. Hence Lifeasy gives the solution for water tank with anti-bacterial spray. It makes your life healthier and easier. And the services just started at Rs 499.
  8. Movers and packers:- Packing and then unpack are one of the most tedious tasks. Now don't worry about that. All you have to do is just book an appointment with Lifeasy and let them handle all your work and just sit relaxed.

Easy Processing and Shipping Service:

Lifeasy makes your life easy. The process for any services is very easy to avail. All you have to do is just select any service you want to avail from Lifeasy. After that book that service according to your convenience and time. After booking, the technicians will track your locations and time according to your booking and tackle the situation. All you have to do is just sit and relaxed Lifeasy itself can take care of all your worries. They give you the guarantee of possible services at your doorstep within the given duration of time. They work hard to satisfy their customers with their services. They value your time and trust that their customers maintained on them. Lifeasy gives their services in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Gurgaon. So you can enjoy the fast service provided by Lifeasy.

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