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Welcome to Kyazoonga! We’ve helped make the most magical, thrilling, and wonderful things happen since early 2007. Once India’s first entertainment and sports ticketing company, we’ve retained our reputation as the largest and fastest growing internationally, and we look forward to things staying that way. Our toys rival that of Tony Stark’s and so does our global outreach, and with those facilities, we take the “ick” out of “ticketing”. It doesn’t matter if it’s an online, retail, mobile, social or box-office distribution channel, Kyazoonga has you comfortably covered. In a nutshell, what we do is take ticketing to the next level. We’re like the Flash, but faster, and like Mister Fantastic, but more flexible. We are the only ticketing company in the subcontinent to have ticketed a major international event, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, all forms of international cricket (ODIs, tests, T20s), several domestic cricket leagues and matches, and Olympic style multiple sporting events and venues. Also, we were the only ticketers from the Indian subcontinent to have qualified for the prestigious position of being the official ticketing partner of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and we got silver at the bid! Because of our efforts in democratising access for consumers to world-class events while significantly enhancing their purchase experience, the ticketing marketplace has expanded greatly to bring tickets to consumers who traditionally have not been able to access major events.

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