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Kraus Jeans
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Kraus Jeans

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Kraus is a casual wear lifestyle brand, fit for the fashion conscious woman of today. At our design studio, you’ll find the perfect fusion of fashion and technology, carefully executed by the finest designers. Our effort has always been to provide trendy collections and create designs that help women express themselves. What makes us different from other denim manufacturers is the fact that we’ve paid careful attention to the body structure of Indian women while designing our jeans. Most players in the industry often forget that women in the West and women in India have certain differences when it comes to their body structure. This made it difficult for Indian women to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. And that’s where Kraus comes in. All our denims are tailored with the unique body structure of Indian women. There’s absolutely no compromise when it comes to fabric and colour, and the different styles ensure that they get pair of denims that they feel comfortable and confident to wear. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with state-of-the-art machines that get the best out of the material. At Kraus, quality is a part of our fabric, and is woven deep into our principles.

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