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Kolhapuri Chappal House
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Kolhapuri Chappal House

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Traditionally Kolhapuri Leather chappal making craft was scattered in remote and hilly areas where Royal Patronage could not reach but artisans could get limited earnings that no seasonably toured all rural areas and designed not to drag water from wells water bottle belts of animals and materials required for agrasian community. This diversification brought new life to artisans worked for the Royal town of Kolhapur, took lead in organizing rural youths and trained them in making sophisticated light works apart from traditional Kolhapuri Kapashi. Toured all the cities and towns and developed marketing channel. Combined the age dold designs with modern ideas of compactness introduced improved techniques of chrome leathers put efforts in making of artistic leather wares for providing marketing throughout the length and breadth of the country. Thus the craft reached its Zenith.

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