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Kokan Planet

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At Kokan Planet, we treat our customers as precious assets and this is the thought which is at the forefront of our minds no matter what we might be arranging for you. Having realized that all forms of Water Sports in Tarkali are relatively new developments, we have taken every step to ensure that the experience turns out to be pleasant for you in every way. As pioneers of scuba diving and Snorkeling in Tarkarli, we take immense pride in being the safest courtesy of our divers having been P.A.D.I. trained and our equipment always conforming to regulations and highest industry standards. From diving equipment to handling of breathing apparatus used in snorkeling, we believe in following every step of the procedure so that your underwater sojourn remains safe and free from any glitches. Because our divers are certified by P.A.D.I. they are trained in ensuring that during Scuba Diving in Malvan you are not just secure but also comfortable enough to soak in all the unique sights and carry the memories with you for many years afterwards.

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