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Kipp & Ludwig
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Kipp & Ludwig

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A K&L sock defines individuality and creativity. It is the perfect accessory for a man who is striving to get everything he dreamed of. He has a job, hobbies and a vision of a better tomorrow for himself, his buddies and his family. The K&L wearer has always been one to set himself apart. At a very young age, he was the first guy to get shoes with laces when his peers were all in Velcro. He discovered new and interesting music in his teens, when his classmates were listening to bubblegum pop. He got a job and took charge of his life when others were waiting for answers to fall into their laps. He has differentiated himself at every stage, educating himself with new experiences and extensive travels. Kipp & Ludwig is India’s first luxury dress sock maker. Born out of a desire to bring good taste, a global design language, cutting edge technology and comfort together in high-end accessories for the undiscovered Indian gentleman, K&L is the brainchild of a group of marketing and design professionals plus a golden retriever.

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