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In the conventional model, shippers spend hours calling up various truck operators to find trucks with open capacity, while truckers struggle to market their availability. The Instavans model is set to transform all that. Instavans provides an on-demand platform that ensures price transparency, speed to delivery, and a better end-to-end experience for both shippers and truckers. Instavans connects shippers and truckers in real-time within each city, by increasing the efficiency of supply and demand. Available as a web and mobile app (Android & iOS), the Instavans platform enables Real-time platform to connect shippers and truckers, with automatic dispatch Real-time tracking and tracing to optimize routing Payments processing Online documentation to simplify paperwork for each pickup Reduction of the number of empty trucks and those with less than full loads Reduction of travel distance by matching the closest truck to the next job A greener transportation ecosystem within urban areas

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