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( 5/5 , 7400 ), Indian online megastore for home and kitchen appliances has started making its presence felt. With a distinctive brand-driven business model focussing on consumer fulfilment, HomePunch assures superlative services with exciting deals on the wide range of appliances. It caters to the needs of brands, customers and network partners in equal measure. Shoppers can look forward to meeting their daily essential needs by choosing from a wide variety of high-quality appliances from over 500+ brands. HomePunch is based in Delhi-NCR, having a strong team of 25 professionals with expertise in technology and category management. Currently HomePunch is servicing orders in more than 4000 Indian cities. It brings a direct and enhanced interface between consumers and brands and provides customers brand warranty rather than sellers warranty on the products purchased from the website. Homepunch’s unique pricing model offers single pricing available to consumers ensuring there is no multiple pricing offerings like prevalent marketplaces.

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