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Hippily is a Fashion discovery and shopping platform that provides its users with the best of unique emerging fashion online. It is focused on young women in India, with a particular emphasis on the 15-30 age group. Hippily helps users to discover the right variety fashion to purchase, via an approach that is Curated, Personalised and Social presented in a modern, uncluttered discovery driven user interface with a shopping engine that works across our partner stores. The curation is performed by an expert fashion stylist team daily. The team creates looks, sale collections as well as trend, theme and celebrity based collections. Personalization is based on the user's profile and our algorithms, and is an active area of research and development for Hippily. Social features include following stores and users, getting notifications on friends likes and updates on people who like similar products. Hippily is based in Mumbai and is co-founded by Viswanath Ramachandran and Prajakt Deolasee, both of whom are seasoned technology professionals and entreprenuers; they are backed by a team of creative and technology professionals and supported by experienced advisors.

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