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Gaana is a platform where one can browse for the best songs. Times India had launched Gaana in April 2010 providing both Indian and International music. And the Love for music is forever. Gaana helps to listen to your favorite song anytime and anywhere. It can be on the radio or online songs. Even it lets you listen to songs offline. In addition, it provides songs in many different Indian languages along with English songs. Its mobile app helps to subscribe to Gaana and have unlimited access to songs. It offers more than 30 lakh songs in multiple languages along with Gaana coupons & Offers. Make you unbounded in limited songs of your mobile phone memory and makes Gaana your first choice for accessing your favorite songs. [Last Updated: March 2021]

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Music is an activity that helps you feel calm. We hold our good sentiments and feel relax while listening to music. Music is a form of art that makes us feel peace and forget all the worries and it helps us to come out of depression. Everyone loves music whether it is a child or an old age person. Though, everyone has a different taste in music. Someone likes rocking and popping songs where others like soft or classical music.

Gaana is an online portal where you can get every kind of music either free or paid. If you have got bored with your regular playlist and limited songs, then download the Gaana app and listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. Gaana has thousands of songs with Indian and International music. Gaana features the music in many different languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam and other Indian regional languages. The main tagline of Gaana is always whispered by every one of us i.e. Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana

Features Of

  • Gaana is featured with songs in 21 different languages.
  • Gaana allows the world to listen to Indian music but International music can listen only by those who live in India.
  • Users can make a playlist of their favorite songs and it can be seen by other people also. Thus we can see the playlist of others and select the best songs.
  • It is a music streaming service providing free and licensed songs.

Incredibly Unlimited And Easier Access Of Songs

Music is something that creates happiness, then why to bond yourself in those limited songs of phone memory? If you are a music lover but are not able to collect every type of song in your song collection due to limited memory, then Gaana is the best app for you. As here, you can listen to the radio, online songs, and even offline songs too. Subscribe to the Gaana and you will have unlimited access to songs anywhere and at any time.

What is Gaana+

Gaana+ is an enhanced version of Gaana. Gaana offered a Gaana+ subscription so that users can use it in a better way. Gaana+ helps to subscribe for gaana with premium music service. One can listen to music at Gaana+ without any ads and this subscription can be used on up to five devices. Isn't it an amazing feature? Now just subscribe to one device and use it on five different devices. And this is not the end. There is a feature called Gaana special which is an exclusive program in which along with listening to music, it also tells the information about the music and the artists.

Discounts At Gaana

Gaana provides many offers for listening to music and subscription. One can subscribe for one year or for 3 months as required. The offers provided by Gaana helps you to browse the best songs without spending too much on CDs and DVDs. You can have access to every latest or old song in Gaana. Let rising your love for music and subscribe to Gaana.

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