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G K Vale
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G K Vale

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On May 23rd 1910 A.D. a small but significant event changed the course of photography history in these parts. It was the year that GK Vale threw open its doors for business on Bangalore’s finest address – South Parade (now known as MG Road).Nothing was every the same again for the photography domain, its benefactors, detractors, doubters and lovers. Soon word spread and people came from far and near to witness this historic event. GK Vale soon became a household name in Bangalore. This event unfolded in an era of sheer grandeur, pomp and show. An era when royalty ruled the roost, Maharajas and Viceroys lorded over destinies. These were the times of intricate, painstaking hand-painted portraits. Photography was still just being talked about in hushed tones in the confines of the homes of the rich and famous. Over the next 100 wonderful years, generations of Bangaloreans were thrilled to have their cherished moments imprinted in emulsion for eternity. The uncompromising quality, unmatched service and customer care offered by GK Vale soon made it the last word in photography in these parts.

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