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FreshMenu Reviews: Rating, online shopping reviews for freshmenu

"Love The Food Menu"
5 / 5

Indian Food: Food order

I've been using Freshmenu for food ordering since a year. I like the menu of the Freshmenu. The menu is very interesting. So many options are available like Italian food, Chinese food, Indian food and many more.

Reviewed by: "Sonia" 1 year ago
"Fastest Food Delivery"
5 / 5

Chicken: Food order

Delievery is very fast also the food is good in taste. Superb Experience.

Reviewed by: "Akansha" 1 year ago
"Delicious Chinese Food"
5 / 5

Chinese Food: Food order

I recently ordered Chinese food from FreshMenu and it was dam tasty and delicious. I like the quality of the food. Value for money.

Reviewed by: "Rashmi" 1 year ago
"Perfect Food"
5 / 5

Biryani: Food order

Super quality and quantity, loved the taste, thank you Freshmenu for your lovely on time service. Great food. Fastest delivery service. I have ordered food multiple times and never got disappointed.

Reviewed by: "Gaurav" 1 year ago
"Love The Quality"
5 / 5

Italian Food: Food order

I always ordered my food from FreshMenu because the quantity of food given is perfect for me! Not too much and not too less. The food is warm but not too much hot and the quality of the food is just awesome.

Reviewed by: "Harry" 1 year ago
5 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

The service is very awesome and quick of freshmenu. And also the food is hot and fresh delivered at doorsteps. Thanks Freshmenu for providing some awesome food whenever I felt hungry and was unable to cook. Best App for food delivery.

Reviewed by: "Angad Chauhan" 1 year ago
"Delicious food"
4 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

I ordered food from freshmenu at afternoon and I just wanted to say that the food I’ve ordered is simply awesome and delicious. And top of it, they delivered the food at my office which made really convenient for me to enjoy some delicious food by freshmenu. Thanks Freshmenu.

Reviewed by: "Alok Singh" 1 year ago
"Home like food"
3 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

Yesterday I was unable to cook food due to some issues. So I ordered a meal for my self from freshmenu which made my day. The food was as fresh as cooked at home. I didn’t felt even for a single second that I’ve ordered the food from outside. It was very delicious and hot. Good job Fressmenu.

Reviewed by: "Saif Baig" 1 year ago
"Quick delivery"
4 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

I am very happy with timings and service of freshmenu as they didn’t even take more then 20-25 minutes to deliver the food. I am kind of a person who can’t wait much to satisfy my stomach. Quick delivery by freshmenu has always made me happy infact. And the food is always delicious and fresh. Thanks mate.

Reviewed by: "Asifa Ali" 1 year ago
"Reasonable price"
4 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

I’ve ordered food at multiple times from freshmenu. Their prices are very fair and reasonable. This doesn’t put much burden on my budget and pockets. Thanks Freshmenu for always being there whenever I felt hungry. Lol..

Reviewed by: "Maninder Singh" 1 year ago
"Wide range of delicacies"
3 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

Freshmenu has got some wide range of food varieties to choose from. So I mostly order according to my mood, the food I want to order. Best Biryanis, Parathas, Dessert, and much more. I have tried most of the delicacies by freshmenu. Thanks Freshmenu.

Reviewed by: "Pavan Kumar" 1 year ago
"Just loved it"
5 / 5

Food: Product Purchased

Freshmenu has got got shakes and side foods such as pizzas and pastas which are as delicious as made in 5 star hotels. I just simply loved the pasta. Great work Freshmenu. Cheers to you.

Reviewed by: "Ali Azgar" 1 year ago
"Cool User interface"
4 / 5

Food: Food order

Freshmenu has got the coolest and simple user interface as compared to other food delivery apps. It’s not complicated at all. anybody can easily order food from freshmenu. Its very easy to use the app and even I’ve tried their website which is pretty simple for choosing from the most delicious foods. Cheers

Reviewed by: "Narayan Mishra" 1 year ago
"Very Hygienic food"
4 / 5

Food: Food order

Freshmenu has always delivered me the fresh and hygienic food. I am very happy with the service as they have never compromised with their food quality. I am a big fan and a loyal customer of freshmenu. Keep up the great work guys.

Reviewed by: "Anita Bhushan" 1 year ago
"Happy Sundays"
4 / 5

Food: Food order

As I am living with my friends and I am not good at cooking so I mostly prefer to order food from freshmenu at Sundays. Mann.. starting in the morning with mouth watering parathas till awesome and delicious daal makhni with naans in dinner, + variety of desserts always makes my Sunday the most enjoyable and relaxing day of the week. A big thanks and 5 stars to Freshmenu.

Reviewed by: "Bala Iyer" 1 year ago
"Smooth booking"
5 / 5

Special Thali: Food order

The ordering process was quite fast, transactions were smooth and quick. No difficulty faced.

Reviewed by: "Raju" 1 year ago
"Great taste and hot food"
4 / 5

Food: Food order

Fresh menu always satisfy my taste buds, no doubts about it. I must say, they have a good variety and range of food menu to offer. Thanks Fresh menu

Reviewed by: "Gulshan Screwala" 1 year ago
"Freshly Made Freshly Delivered"
5 / 5

Pasta: Food order

I happen to order my food from Frshmenu and I was delighted to recein=ve a package full of happiness, yumminess, and freshness. Thankyou Freshmenu for delivering the best. Also thanks to Dealsshutter for helping me save on my food order with them by using the latest Freshmenu Coupons listed on their portal.

Reviewed by: "Keshika" 3 months ago
5 / 5

Chcken Biriyani: Food order

Yesterday I was having cravings to eat chicken biriyani so I ordered it from the fresh menu with the use of a coupon. Not only helped me to save money but provided me the delicious treat as well. Fresh Menu never disappoints me in terms of quality.

Reviewed by: "Sonali Rawat" 4 weeks ago
"Super Saver Combo..!!"
5 / 5

Noodles: Food order

Delicious Food and Amazing offer with Freshmenu Coupons. I always prefer FreshMenu when I have to eat chicken Biriyani or Hakka noodles.

Reviewed by: "Deepak Sood" 3 weeks ago
"Fresh & Tasty"
5 / 5

Noodles With Brownie: Food order

I ordered American Hakka noodles and salted brownie from FreshMenu with the use of coupons. It was soo delicious and fresh in taste. I was also amazed by the fast delivery of FreshMenu. Now it has become my permanent spot for food ordering.

Reviewed by: "Somya" 3 weeks ago
"Ready To Eat"
5 / 5

Biriyani: Food order

FreshMenu provides us ready to eat food that is soo soo delicious. It really justifies its name FreshMenu and delivers fresh, hygienic and healthy food on our doorstep. Prices are very genuine with the use of coupons.

Reviewed by: "Ujwala" 3 weeks ago
"First Choice...!!!"
5 / 5

Non- Veg Food: Food order

FreshMenu is my first preference when it comes to online food ordering. It delivers really very delicious food at genuine rates. Its delivery speed is very fast.

Reviewed by: "Sugam" 3 weeks ago
5 / 5

Chicken Sandwich: Food order

Fresh & Yummy Sandwich delivered by FreshMenu. I enjoyed the discount with the use of coupons. Its delivery is very fast. Thank you for the coupons.

Reviewed by: "Akshay Sharma" 2 weeks ago
5 / 5

Non- Veg Food: Product Purchased

I always enjoy the delicious meals of the fresh menu. The delivery is so quick and the prices are very affordable.

Reviewed by: "Sabeena" 1 week ago