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Someone has very rightly said that wherever you go or how much you flourish, you should never forget what your roots are. And the best place that joins you with your roots is FabIndia. FabIndia is India's largest online portal that brings the finest handcrafted products made in India. FabIndia works with the aim of uplifting the employment in India. FabIndia is the one pit stop where traditions are presented in the pinch of fashion and style. Their team works very hard and every item they bring is personally handpicked by them. So all you men and women out there style yourself with traditional but fashionable wear. You may call FabIndia as an ALL-IN-ONE portal where you get items like clothes for men, women, kids, kitchenware, decor & gifts, food items and many more. Old is gold and FabIndia continuously works to connect us with our culture which we are forgetting and are getting influenced by western culture. Instead of using chemical products and taking the risk of getting infected use the best beauty products that are handmade and good for skin care. Also, the company highly follows that original is ten times worthier then fake and brings the original to your doorstep. They use the traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes that result in the production of such furnished products. The company has successfully connected 55000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets which have given a rise in employment. Organic and naturality are what you find in the products they provide ranging from body-care to home decor. Grab these amazing products easily now instead of wandering from shop to shop. Shop their products without any doubt because the name itself is a synonym of trust. FabIndia makes your shopping much easier and Dealsshutter helps you make huge savings. Use the FabIndia offers here at Dealsshutter and save your precious earned money with the amazing offers on FabIndia products. [Last Updated: August 2018]

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Traditions and culture represent who we were and how we have come so far. So, wherever you go never forget what your roots were. FabIndia is the largest platform in India that is actually connecting all of us to our old India by bringing the traditional touch of the items we carry. FabIndia brings us some of the finest goods that are handpicked and handcrafted by the Indian retailers. Nowadays, we don't find ethnic wear that is handspun or manufactured using the traditional skills. But FabIndia is the best stop for finding such ethnic wear but with a perfect blend of fashion and style.


FabIndia is the first ever online portal that brings the culture of India at our doorsteps. FabIndia was founded in 1960 by John Bissell, initially, it started by the production of only home-furnishings. After the hard work of team FabIndai established its first offline store in NewDelhi. Now, FabIndia has become the largest online portal to manufacture the items like clothes, skin-care, food items, kitchenware and many more. As the time progressed FabIndia became famous for its handmade and natural products.


Today, FabIndia brings a vast collection of clothing, giftware, bath linens, floor coverings, foods, oils, personal care items, furniture, and many other home goods. Each product is handcrafted and their uniqueness represents the region they come from. Whenever we travel we usually buy the specialities of that place and FabIndia brings all this at your doorstep. We all know the importance of original over fake and that is what FabIndia's motive is. They bring us the original products be it the clothes, the food or anything else. They are flourishing because they value the importance of naturality and organic products. FabIndia masters its products by giving them time, diligence, care, and true attention to detail.


FabIndia is the first ever online stop that shows people all over the world what love for India means. The products they provide preserves the traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes that we have forgotten nowadays. FabIndia is continuously working and was successfully able to connect 55,000 craft based rural producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled. Fabindia's products are natural, craft-based, contemporary, and affordable. FabIndia brings us the products with a guarantee that they are the best and natural. Why use items that contain chemical inputs and may harm your health and body, when FabIndia brings the organic quality products. Also, being an Indian it is our foremost duty to use the products made in India rather than making foreign products famous. They manufacture products whose sources are handpicked personally by the team and are fully natural.


We all know that India is disastrously suffering from unemployment but the vision that FabIndia is following will definitely help in eliminating this problem. They are continuously working to strengthen and support our community of customers, designers, artisans, farmers, makers and entrepreneurs in India. They are influencing more and more people to buy the handmade products that will ultimately increase the employment. More the people will indulge in purchase of Indian products, more will it benefit our economy. Not only our economy will rise but the culture will also become famous and these products will be known worldwide.


FabIndia has flourished its services so well and now provide deliveries to 511 locations within India and 130 countries. The organization tries to transport all items in the speediest and most moderate way conceivable. For the most part, it takes around 5 business days for things to send from the distribution centres inside India. On the off chance that a thing is still underway or you have asked for a mass request, it can take more time to process your request. Delivering inside India is taken care of by household shipping organizations and dispatches in 3 to 5 business days. Requests that cost under INR 1000 will acquire a level rate of INR 99 for shipment costs. Requests above INR 1000 will get free sending. Delivery for global requests is taken care of by FedEx or DHL and dispatch inside 4 to 6 business days. Doubting their services is just like doubting your mother's advice. FabIndia provides not only the best quality products but delivers them in the most organized way.


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