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Crafts and Looms
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Crafts and Looms

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Crafts and looms is an infant step towards acknowledging that very art and creation. We bring you authentic handmade crafts from every nook and corner of every possible state of India. Each place in India has its own essence and beauty and we at CraftsandLooms effort to bring you all of it at one place. Every piece on our site is authentic, skilfully made and is a close heartfelt creation of the craftsmen & artisans of India. Products are made from really surprising and simple tools requiring prowess. Every purchase of yours will help the artisan to grow to the next level and bring each one of you closer to your proud roots. We at CraftsandLooms bring you the whole of picturesque India on one forefront and also make it easy in reaching at your doorstep. A platform where we showcase the simple beauty of handmade products, each one being a masterpiece in itself varying from numerous Home Decor items to Jewellery to a variety of flamboyant Hand Woven Fabrics and Clothing.

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