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"Marvellous taste...."
5 / 5

Chicken Wrap: Food order

Ordered overloaded chicken wrap. It was really heavy & delicious. It was only for 250 bucks. This was a great deal. I truly recommend you to try this once.

Reviewed by: "Subhash" 1 year ago
4 / 5

Fusion Box: Food order

Yumiii.. food. Easy to order. I have ordered Fusion box with masala Lemonade which was quite tasty Masala lemonade was quite refreshing. The whole order was delivered within an hour.

Reviewed by: "Rani Seth" 1 year ago
"Budget Price"
5 / 5

Paalak Paneer: Product Purchased

Box 8 the best delivering outlet. The food is too yum. My order was Paalak paneer with paranthas. Paneer was “Lazeez” & paranthas were soft and crispy at the same time.

Reviewed by: "Boman" 1 year ago
"Best Food"
5 / 5

Biryani: Product Purchased

Biryani was such a delight to have. The quantity was perfect. I gave the order at 9:00 pm & Box8 delivered it at 9:45 pm. Amazed to see this quick delivery.

Reviewed by: "Mohit Arora" 1 year ago
"Value for money"
4 / 5

Dinner: Food order

Awesome Food!! First time I have tried Box8 yesterday. I am truly telling you it was amazing. Paneer Makhani, Dal Fry with Salad was just wow. I can’t explain how tasty it was. Thankyou Box8 for your wonderful efforts & on-time delivery.

Reviewed by: "Saroj" 1 year ago
5 / 5

Choco Lava Cake: Product Purchased

I am living alone in Bangalore & on a weekend I decided to order a bunch of good stuff from the menu of Box8. Must say they have a huge variety of menu. The delivery and packaging were perfect. They delivered the best choco lava cake I have eaten till now.

Reviewed by: "Narinder Pal" 1 year ago
"Luv U BOX8"
5 / 5

Veg Dinner: Food order

Me & my friends plan to have a night out in Mumbai. At 11 pm we were feeling hungry. So we plan to order some food at box8. My friend was having a coupon code that he got from Dealsshutter website. The coupon code made us save 25% on our food orders. It was such a great deal. Thanks, Dealsshutter.

Reviewed by: "Suraj Maini" 1 year ago
"Awesome Packaging.."
5 / 5

Bhaji Pav: Food order

Food Quantity is pretty good, food also contains a lot of veggies which is good. However I found the whole combination (rice box) is just perfect for me, maybe I am used to masala food but it was up to my expectations.

Reviewed by: "Parul" 1 year ago
"Wow! Superb Delivery..... "
5 / 5

Restaurant Thali: Product Purchased

Food orders are made easy nowadays. Thanks to online food delivery networks. Special thanks to BOX8 for such a fantastic food delivery system. It's like your every desire can be fulfilled within an hour. All food orders are delivered within 2 hour time. I was amazed to see that I was getting huge discounts from my local restaurants this is due to the coupon codes & referral offers that Box8 was providing.

Reviewed by: "Abhinav Kapoor" 1 year ago
"Just Perfect"
5 / 5

Food: Food order

Best food… Perfect delivery…. Awesome Experience. I would like to eat the chicken biryani from Box8 as they have delivered the best biryani at lowest rate. The was also sufficient.

Reviewed by: "Simi Seth" 1 year ago
"5 Stars"
5 / 5

Rajma Chawal: Booking

My overall experience with Box8 has gone perfectly. Yes, I really loved the process of food order from Box and I will definitely order food again from Box8 in future. Thank you, Box8 for providing me with the best service ever!

Reviewed by: "Urmila" 1 year ago
"Great taste and Fresh Food"
5 / 5

Food: Food order

I have ordered food from various food delivery companies but box 8 offers the best home cooked food in town. Keep up your great work guys.

Reviewed by: "Varun Mattu" 1 year ago
"Got Rs.150 Cashback"
5 / 5

Luch: Food order

I found deal in Dealsshutter site, that helped me to got Rs.150 Cashback. It was a great money saving offer.

Reviewed by: "Amandeep" 3 months ago