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What is Woke Bingo? Explained Here in Detail

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The wonderful game of bingo, something that can trace its roots all the way back to the 16th century, with a game played in Italy, called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. Since then bingo has endured a fascinating evolution and has also been played in many different contexts, and by many different kinds of people too. Just as an example, whilst wealthy French businessmen were playing a version of bingo in the 1800s, German schoolchildren were playing it to learn maths at the very same time!

Historically this is one of the main reasons why bingo has been so popular because it can be played by various different people, and tailored to suit a particular demographic if needs be. This brings us on to a relatively new subset of bingo called woke bingo, which has seemingly been created in order to please the younger generations. But what has woke bingo? And how can you understand it? Keep reading for an article on understanding woke bingo at www.barbadosbingo.com.

What on Earth is woke bingo?

So then, what on Earth is woke bingo? A lot of people will have absolutely no idea what woke bingo is, so let’s give a brief overview here. The term “woke” has been used increasingly over the last few years to describe a way of looking at various social things in a slightly different way, usually to stop problematic views that could be seen as racist, misogynistic, or intertwined with another negative social stigma.

And what does all this have to do with bingo? Well, quite a lot of the classic bingo calls can be seen as some people to be offensive in some cases, and woke bingo seeks to switch up the narrative a little bit, attempting to stamp out anything that isn’t seen to be as socially acceptable these days.

What contributed to the shift towards Woke Bingo?

Now, some people are probably wondering what caused the shift towards woke bingo, so we’ll try our best to outline some of the main things here. By far the most important factor in all of this is the rise of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook because it is on these platforms that the younger generations have been encouraging each other to get “woke”.

This then easily bleeds down into the commercial world, with many companies also seeking to be “woke”, mainly in order to look more appealing to this demographic than anything else.

A few examples of some Woke Bingo terms

Perhaps a few different examples of Woke Bingo terms will give a better picture of exactly what woke bingo is. Here are some new bingo calls to learn:

7: Flexitarian
14: Netflix and Chill
49: Amazon Prime
74: Recycle More

Will Woke Bingo Catch On?

So, will woke bingo catch on? In all honestly, we don’t think so, as it seems like just another way for social justice to bleed into areas that it really doesn’t need to be in. Did anybody have a problem with bingo before? No.

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