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A Philosopher once said, “You don’t have to be rich to travel well”. Perhaps he already knew that we will find a pocket-friendly to explore the world.

Are you still busy setting up the budget for your next dream location? If yes, then this blog is a perfect fit for you. We have come up with the best Backpackers Hostel websites, so you can experience solo and safe trips.

Travelling rejuvenates our minds and people are crazy about exploring new locations and cuisines. I believe the best way to refresh your mind and soul is to take a break from your mundane and travel the world. Travelling seems enthralling to all but very few people actually take a step outside.

The foremost reason for travelling less is that people are afraid to spend their hard-earned money on frequent trips. People are unaware of travelling hacks and are afraid to try new things. These can actually make your trip even better.

To experience your not-so-expensive trip, you should start residing at Backpackers Hostel. These hostels are built in a way that travellers like you can stay there to save their money from extravagant hotel bills. Other than saving money, these backpackers hostels have other qualities too. So let’s explore the perks of a dormitory. (Dormitory meaning- it is just another name of backpackers hostel)

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Perks of Dormitory

Fits in Budget

The very first and obvious benefit of choosing a backpackers hostel is your expenses. It cuts your expenses in half. Don’t feel I’m exaggerating when I say that hostels have half or sometimes less than half charges than a hotel room. You can save money and plan a trip again or extend your existing trip or do something else. Budget-friendly trips are easy to plan even if you are travelling solo.

Know More People

When you live at such places, you meet new people and expand your friend circle. You never know who will become your travel partner. Unexpected friends make good memories and that allows you to explore more than ever before. Even if you are travelling solo, you’ll never feel alone. You’ll always get people around you and that is what makes backpackers hostel an ideal place to live at.

Easy Location

These places are built at such places that every traveller can roam around the city very easily. The navigation procedure is quite uncomplicated and convenient. You can find out the best places to visit and hidden gems of such areas at the backpackers hostel.

Events and Parties

Few hostels host bonfire night and some gaming or engaging activity at night where people from different locations participate by singing songs or telling stories. You cannot witness such things in the hotels. If you are planning to explore the world, then it is the supreme way to do so.

Ideal for Group Travelers

If you are travelling with a group then a hostel is the best option. You can stay more close to each other here than in a hotel. Dormitory rooms are built in a way that more people can stay there together. Rather than taking separate rooms for each member, you can choose a dormitory to live together.

Kitchen Facility

Few hostels provide the facility to use the kitchen so that you can make whatever you want to and also they provide work facility. Frequent travellers often work during their trip because it is not possible to so many leaves, so few hostels provide WiFi facilities so that you can work there and enjoy your trip both at the same time.

List of Top Websites for Backpackers Hostel


HostelWorld is one of the most popular backpackers hostel sites in the world. You can search as well as book a room in hostels here, across the globe. This website has links with dorms in small cities, so you can travel anywhere. Reviews, ratings, rules and pricing is kept transparent so that you can choose wisely.


This website has a wide range of Hotels, Room stays, villas etc for travellers. Talking about the room stays or dorms, you can check it through the images and compare the pricing and facilities provided. As the name clarifies, it is searching as well as a booking website too. provides the services of Pick and drop too.

backpacker hostel


Airbnb is the most popular name which pops in mind while looking for a place to stay. It has 12 types of properties to choose from. This name is famous for its booking services and wide range of options. It has a feature that allows you to take your pet along with you. Frankly, I believe that Airbnb’s prices are a bit higher than the prices of average hostels.



Hostelz is an ideal choice if you want to compare similar hostels from different sites. It shows you the pricing on and hostel world for a similar place. You can save money and compare easily. It is not a booking site, which means you can check here but cannot book your room. This is a good option for people who want to make a smart decision. Video is added below which can tell more about the working of hostelz

dormitory rooms

Hostelling International

This website has very few hostels and that too, at the highly popular places. Hostelling International is not just a searching site, you can book a hostel too but I didn’t like it much due to its low reach and connectivity. You cannot rely on this site for hostels anywhere in the world. You better have a safe option if you are a ready-to-go person.



Our up next backpackers hostel booking website is Hostelsclub which has associated hostels in many cities but with a few options. Due to good reviews of this website, I think it is worth a try. Check all the hostel sites on your own, because hostels are developed according to each country’s requirements and style. Maybe there are some rules which fit best for you or something which is perfect for someone else.



This hostel booking website is available for people travelling to the USA only. Though Hi USA has a limited reach it is a well-appreciated website there. You will see multiple options to choose from. If you are looking for more options then you can check other hostel booking websites.

backpackers hostel


BudgetPlaces is a website that allows you to check and compare the hostels in the world. You can book it through and this site will redirect you. It is a good option if you are confused between two places, you can compare here. Moreover, they have a wide variety of hotels, villas, guest houses too. Choose whatever suits best to you and enjoy your trip.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Selecting Hostel

Don’t Compromise with Safety

Check the location carefully; your hostel has to be located in a safe place. Even if you are travelling with a group, your safety must be your topmost priority. Apart from safety, location plays a vital role. There is no point in travelling hours and hours in a bus or car to reach the house dormitory back in the evening. This will waste a lot of your time and will be of no use.

Don’t Ignore Reviews

People post reviews under the website or images of the particular backpackers hostel. Don’t ever ignore it and instead read reviews carefully. That tells a lot about the place as nobody can tell about a place better than the people who’ve lived there. It’s a guide to choose the best option among all. Just beware of fake reviews, you’ll know when people are fake praising, just be attentive.

Don’t Look for Cheapest Option

A cheap option doesn’t define best, so don’t look for the cheapest option. That may be a good option to consider but you have to e attentive towards it. Your stay has to be comfortable and safe so if it means spending a few more bucks, then don’t hesitate to do so. Saving money is important but not at the cost of your comfort.

Look what’s in the Menu

Having a good meal while travelling is important because you don’t want to get sick while or after your trip. Good food and sound sleep will let you enjoy even more in the backpackers hostel. Check the food which is added in the room charges and read about their food quality. Few dormitories have the facility to cook on your own food which allows you to eat anything.

Know About All Amenities

Read about all the amenities which a hostel is providing, though hostels are not made to provide luxurious stay it is vital to have basic necessities like access to WiFi, kitchen and lockers. Other facilities which hostels usually provide are roof terrace, party place, barbecue, bathtubs etc. Remember that more the amenities more the charges.


I have tried to pick the basic questions which people have in their mind regarding backpackers hostel. Look at these questions below and know the answers if you have some similar queries.

Q. How do I find hostels while travelling?

A. There are numerous sites where you can search and book hostels in any city. Hostel World is one of the best hostel searching sites. You can read more in the given content.

Q. How much does it cost to stay at a hostel?

A. The average amount of staying in a hostel is 400 rupees to 800 rupees per night/day. The cost varies from city to city and hostel to hostel.

Q. Is it safe to stay in a hostel?

A. Yes, it is safe but still there are many factors which you have to keep in mind like keeping your things safely, locking up your valuables, not drinking much and cooperating with others.

Q. How long can you stay in a hostel?

A. Generally hostels allow you to stay up to 6 months. Anyway, hostels are preferable for a longer stay because it is cost-effective. It all depends on the rules of hostels, some allow you to stay even longer whereas few hostels have a limit of staying till 1 month.

Q. Are Hostels safe for solo female travellers?

A. Mostly Yes, but it may vary according to the place and hostel you’ve chosen. Check the reputation that the hostel carries even if you are in a group. Anyway, Hostels are built to provide a safe and comforting environment.


Travelling to an exotic location is a dream which can burn a hole in the pocket. So backpackers hostel is the most feasible option which promotes safe travelling. Read all the perks of choosing hostels and also, what to keep in mind while booking. Even if you are a frequent traveller, it is vital to follow those points. Check out these sites and book your hostel now. Don’t forget to comment on your experience from these sites. We will love to add your honest reviews to our blog.

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