Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Shopping Gift Ideas – (2021 Updated)


Valentine’s Day is all about love and, you guessed it, gifts! What better day to shower your loved one with a present that they will enjoy and cherish forever. Valentine’s Day is preceded by a week of special days like Rose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, and Promise Day. So many opportunities to express your love!

An age-old formula is to gift a box of chocolates, flowers, teddy bears or a simple card for your valentine. While these are classics, you can go ahead and experiment with your gifts and make them more personalized.

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Top 6 gift ideas that you can give your beloved this Valentine’s Day:

1. Dress

This is the best gift you can give your loved one on Valentine’s Day. It is also the safest bet and you can’t really go wrong if you know the size. While chocolates and cards are passed, a dress can really brighten up your valentine’s day. Check out Limeroad coupons on Dealsshutter. With flat 70% off on kurtas and Buy 1 Get 2 Free offers, you can really strike a deal and get a great gift.

For men, you can buy shirts or jackets or T-shirts, depending on their style. There is a Flipkart offer of flat 50-80% off on men’s clothing if you activate the offer from Dealsshutter.

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2. Lingerie

Make your Valentine’s Day spicier with lingerie. If you are bored of the same old gifts on this day and want to make things more interesting, then this is a good option. Dealsshutter is offering Rs 250 off on any purchase of Rs 999 on Zivame. Save more on women undergarments by using Zivame Coupons at Dealsshutter. You can choose from a wide variety of lacy, sexy lingerie in colors like red or pink on this day of love.

3. Electronics

Electronic items like phones, cameras, tablets, headphones, laptops are liked by everyone, irrespective of gender. Figure out your budget and see if your significant other needs anything specific. Maybe he or she has ever hinted at wanting a new phone or an iPad. Well, that’s your clue. There is an offer on Infibeam where you can get up to 83% off on Cameras & accessories, through Dealsshutter. If your significant other is into games, then you can get him or her gaming consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox.

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4. Accessories

For women, this could be footwear, handbags, jewelry. You can buy a pair of heels that will instantly uplift any dress. For handbags, you can choose from sling bags and clutches that are sure to make the look complete. In jewelry, you can decide on any minimal piece depending on your budget and your date’s taste.

A coupon is available on Dealsshutter of Koovs, offering a flat 40% off. You can also get up to 60% off on women’s heels on Myntra through the site.

An exciting accessory is the fitness tracker watch. It is great for both gadget enthusiasts and fitness freaks! For men, it could be wallets, shoes or watches. Get up to 40% off on shoes on Jabong through Dealsshutter. You can also buy designer sunglasses.

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5. Perfume or Cologne

This is a very romantic gift and is a constant reminder to the person receiving it. Colognes from Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein for men can be great. Who wouldn’t want their loved one to smell great? The person receiving it would be reminded of you every time they apply the fragrance.

For women, you can choose from the iconic Chanel, Estee Lauder, Guess, or Carolina Herrera. It will last longer and your date will love it!

One note of caution – do not get them a deodorant. Know the difference between perfume and a deo. Gifting a deo might give the opposite effect of what you are expecting. A Deo can suggest that your date smells, which can be really offensive. So don’t gift anyone a Deo!

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6. Wrist Watches

Every outfit is incomplete without a good watch and for men’s its like an impression that you are giving to someone. So girls, this Valentine’s day gives something useful and unique to the love of your life. Buy a Minimalist Men’s Watches that come in many beautiful colors and shapes that your boyfriend will definitely appreciate your gift. The best thing about these watches is it comes with both straps and chains. This time shows to your man that you are a strong independent woman and have a classic choice. Watches are not just a time to see, its a kind of accessories that complete Men’s look and add elegance to your partner’s look.

But wait – there’s more

So choose a wonderful gift for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, etc and show them your undying love! While love doesn’t stop after Valentine’s Day but your gift will be a constant reminder of this affection wherever you are. Check out coupons and offers at Dealsshutter and choose a gift for your loved one while also saving money.

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