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Want to watch a movie and can’t decide which one to start? Well, we have got your back. Here is a list of shows and movies that require your ATTENTION. No no! This is not just for Netflix users; we have covered other OTT platforms too. You may have watched all the top movies, but now is the time to watch and appreciate some UNDERRATED MOVIES that leave a remarkable impression on our minds.

You are spending money to watch some good content on OTT platforms, so try to make the money worth spending, by watching the hidden gems movies and shows. We have listed movies from the different genres so that each type of audience can enjoy reading this blog. Let’s take a look at what you will be getting from this blog.

Topics in the Blog

  1. Underrated Amazon Prime Movies
  2. Underrated Anime Shows
  3. Underrated Disney plus Hotstar shows/movies
  4. Underrated Bollywood Movies
  5. Underrated Netflix Movies
  6. Subscriptions range of all the top OTT platforms

Let’s update your watchlist today!

Underrated Amazon Prime Movies


Release date– 25th June 2014

Cast– Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon

Director– James Ward Byrkit

Writer– James Ward Byrkit and Alex Manugian

Genre– Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Rating– 7.3

About Coherence

Eight long-term companions meet for an evening gathering in an area in Northern California on the night a comet is expected to pass noticeably upward. At the point when the power on the road goes out, they wind up in the centre of coherence of parallel universe, with unusual and agitating things happening surrounding them. This movie got nominated for 6 awards and won 5 out of that.

Coherence Movie Trailer

The Lost City of Z

Release date- 14th April, 2017

Cast– Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller

Director– James Gray

Writer– James Gray and David Grann

Genre– Adventure, Drama

Rating– 6.9

About The Lost City of Z

Director, writer James Gray recorded a lavish and dangerous journey through the Amazon is a masterpiece film to watch and that arise nature’s charming power. Charlie Hunnam, the highly energetic actor stars as Percy, a turn-of-the-twentieth-century military man who leaves to South America to plan a visit to Bolivia and cleans his family name from some past embarrassment. A long period without food, bodily sickness, water-borne diseases and experiences with locals, comes to a stop with the close disclosure of a hideous, developed civilization. The movie was nominated 31 times and won 6 awards

The Lost City of Z Movie Trailer

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Release date– 17th November 2016

Cast– Adam Driver, Golsshifteh Farahani, Nellie

Director– Jim Jarmusch

Writer– William Carlos Williams, Jim Jarmusch, Ron Padgett

Genre– Romance, Drama

Rating– 7.4

About Paterson

Paterson is a bus driver living in New Jersey, unlike other drivers you have seen in other movies, this bus driver is very delicate, soulful and soft-hearted. He is a poet, lover and a person who is putting all his efforts into surviving in this highly competitive world. His wife wants him to make copies of his poems to sell in the market, but it gets torn. Watch the movie to know what happens afterwards. Adam Driver has portrayed the role of Paterson and fully justified the role. He got an appreciation for this acting and dedication toward the character.  This movie got 43 nominations and won 10 times.

Paterson Trailer

Underrated Anime Shows

Hell Girl

Release date– 4 October 2005

Stars– Mamiko Noto, Masaya Matsukaze, Takako Honda

Creators– Hiroshi Watanabe

Seasons– 3

Genre– Fantasy, Animation

Rating– 7.6

About Hell Girl

Hell Girl is anime series that gives a sense of satisfaction to the people because, in this show hell girl, Enma Ai gives evil people what they deserve. That attracts the viewers of this series. Enma Ai offers to send their tormentors to Hell if they enter into a contract with her, though the price is steep, as they also condemn their own souls to Hell once they die. Watch it Online on Amazon Prime, they have all the episodes of this show.

Hell Girl Show Trailer

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Release date– 1st October 2011

Stars– Minori Chihara, Chiwa Saito, Ami Koshimizu, Ai Matayoshi

Writer– Minoru Kawakami

Illustrated– Satoyasu

Seasons– 2

Genre– Animation, Action, Comedy

Rating– 7.0

About Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

This show is based on a novel written by Minoru kawakami where the story revolves around the people who want to save Japan from the attack of the other countries in the world. There is a power that does not allow people to leave and all this story revolves around this. Basically, it is tough to explain this show in words but people have loved the way both the action and comedy is presented simultaneously. This is available to watch online at

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere Trailer


Release date– 22nd October 2005

Stars– Yuto Nakano, Jennifer Seman, Travis Willingham, Mika Doi, Hiroshi SHimozaki

Writer– Yuki Urushibara

Illustrated– Yuki Urushibara

Seasons– 2

Genre– Animation, Drama, Fiction

Rating– 8.6

About Mushi-shi

It explains the travels of a man named Ginko, who explains that the world is managed by a power called Mushi. Ginko can see Mushi and he starts helping people to control negative effects. This show is based on how does Ginko helps people and what does his help has to offer. It is a very sweet, simple and uncomplicated concept chosen by Yuki Urushibara. You can watch this show at

Mushi-shi Trailer

Note- All the anime shows may not be available in all the regions of the world.

Underrated Disney plus Hotstar Shows

Sharp Objects

Release date– 8th July 2018

Cast– Eliza Scanlen, Partricia Clarkson, Chris Messina

Director– Jean-Marc Vallee

Writer– Gillian Flynn

Genre– Drama, Crime, Thriller

Rating– 8.5

About Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects is based on a novel written by Gillian Flynn. This is a story of a girl who is a recovering alcoholic reporter covering a crime scene. She went back to her home and starts investigating a local murder of two young girls. This hidden gem thriller movie is good to watch. It got nominated 51 times and won13 times. It was basically released on HBO.

Sharp Objects Trailer

The Righteous Gemstones

Release date– 18th August 2019

Cast– John Goodman, Danny McBride, Adam Devins

Director– Danny McBride

Writer– Edi Patterson, Kevin Barnett, Jeff Fradley

Genre– Comedy, Drama

Rating– 8.3

About The Righteous Gemstones

The series based on Dark Comedy centred on three generations of televangelists (ministers) and megachurch pastors. The Righteous Gemstones is a laughter riot that didn’t have fame as buried under the string of more popular shows that released alongside it. The comedy in the show manages to keep things surprising, despite relying on the genre’s favourite subject, dysfunctional families. It is a light-hearted yet underrated show available on both television and on OTT platforms.

The Righteous Gemstones Trailer

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond

Release date– 22nd May 2015

Cast– George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Lurie

Director– Brad Bird

Writer– Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird, Jeff Jensen

Genre– Sci-fi, Adventure

Rating– 7.1

About Tomorrowland

This movie, Tomorrowland, is clear from the name that it showcases the afterlife. This story revolves around a former inventor and a curious teenager, who covers a deadly journey to know about their afterlife.  This trip to an unexplored time and space dimension is a fancy respite from the devastating current scenario. 

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond Trailer

Underrated Bollywood Movies

Ankhon Dekhi

Release date– 21st March 2014

Cast– Sanjay Mishra, Abhinav Raj Singh

Director– Rajat Kapoor

Writer– Rajat Kapoor

Genre– Drama

Rating– 8.3

About Aankho Dekhi

Ankhon Dekhi, directed in old Delhi by director Rajat Kapoor, is a blend of bitter and sweet stories of a man who has some realization and decides that he will only believe what he sees with his own eyes. Sanjay Mishra has given a spectacular performance in this one as the patriarch of a middle-class family living in an old place. It got 7 nominations and won 6 times out of that.

Ankhon Dekhi Trailer


Release date– 12th October 2012

Cast– Manoj Bajpayee, Barry John, Delzad Hiwale

Director– Bedabrata Pain

Writer– Shonali Bose, Bedabrata Pain

Genre– Drama

Rating- 7.5

About Chittagong

Chittagong is the name of a place where the story revolves around. The 1930s set-up based movie highlights casualties on both sides. Later, one of the kids successfully leads the peasants to regain their food-grains earlier commandeered by the British. This movie won 4 awards and bajpayee’s acting was loved by the audience.

Chittagong Trailer


Release date– 27th August 2010

Cast– Raj Singh Chaudhary, Raja Chaudhary, Swati Sen

Director– Sushil Rajpal

Writer– Sushil Rajpal, Amitabh Verma

Genre– Drama

Rating– 7.0

About Antardwand

The movie raises the social issue of forced marriage in order to protect the reputation and wealth of the family. The protagonist is forced to marry the daughter of a strong political family in order to protect the name and fame of that man. The groom is kidnapped from Bihar. This movie got high appreciation from the renowned directors and producers of Bollywood. There are many Bollywood underrated movies and this is one of the time-worthy movies.

Antardwand Trailer

Underrated Netflix Movies

The Outpost

Release date– 24th June 2020

Cast– Scott Eastwood, Caleb Landry Jones, Orlando Bloom

Director– Rod Lurie

Writer– Paul Tamasy, Eric Johnson, Jake Tapper

Genre– Action, Drama, History

Rating– 8.0

About The Outpost

The movie is purely an action movie consisting of a unit of soldiers from the United States who battles against a much stronger army of Taliban coordinated attack in the areas occupied by Afghanistan. If you like action movies and war kinds of movies then this is the ideal choice for you. There are multiple underrated Netflix series and movies, so now is the time to update your watchlist.

The Outpost Trailer

Rust Creek

Release date– 4th January 2019

Cast– Hermione Corfield, Jay Paulson, Sean O’Bryan

Director– Jen McGowan

Writer– Julie Lipson, Stu Pollard

Genre– Crime, Thriller

Rating– 7.0

About Rust Creek

People believe that this movie is partly based on true incidents. In the movie, a woman named, Sawyer, moves toward a dense forest without the intention of going there, she was heading to her job interview. Things start turning worse when a few criminals approach and attack her. Watch the movie to find out what happens to her life.

Rust Creek Trailer

The Clovehitch Killer

Release date– 22nd September 2018

Cast– Dylan McDermott, Charlie Plummer, Samantha Mathis

Director– Duncan Skiles

Writer– Christopher Ford

Genre– Crime, Mystery

Rating– 7.3

About The Clovehitch Killer

Directed by Duncan Skiles, this movie is all covered up with many mysteries when an unbelievably perfect family is shattered after Tyler got to know about some photos under his father’s possession.  He starts investigating the murder of a girl, for which his father may be responsible.

The Clovehitch Killer Trailer

Here are the subscription prices of Top OTT Platforms

S.NoOTT PlatformCharges in RS.
 1. NetflixMobile- 149/ 1 month Basic- 199/1 month
 2.Amazon Prime129/ 1 month 999/ 12 months
 3.Disney plus HotstarVIP- 399/ 12 months Premium- 299/ 1 month
 4.Zee599/ 1 month 299/ 3 months 499/ 12 months
 5. Sony Liv299/ 1 month 699/ 6 months 999/ 12 months
 6. Voot99/ 1 month 399/ 12 months
 7. Alt Balaji100/ 3 months 180/ 6 months 300/ 12 months

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