Travel Hacks: Try These DIY Hacks & Make Your Trip Easier


Everyone loves to travel and it gives you new memories, adventures, experiences that last a lifetime. It also gives you health benefits and you feel refresh. Whether you are traveling for a business trip, short vacations with your friends, or a one week family holidays, traveling can give you Peace, Happiness, and build your self-confidence. Here are a few Travel hacks that can save your money and time on your next trip.


Flight Bookings

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Hotel Bookings

Whenever you plan a trip the first thing comes to our mind is where to stay and sometimes it is the most tedious task to get a good hotel in your budget. So whenever you are going to book your stay just explore the online traveling websites like MakeMyTrip, Fabhotels, Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip and many other websites that give you amazing offers on hotel bookings. My favorite is Cleartrip because it provides exclusive offers on the top best hotels in your budget and you can save more and more money.

Bonus Tip: Don’t book your hotel bookings on the festive season because the rates are very high on festive seasons.

Roll Your Clothes

Don’t fold your clothes just roll it as shown in the picture. Your clothes will take up less space on your backpack while travelling?

Ditch Your Suitcase & Take a Backpack

Suitcases are very heavy and sometimes we candle the weight. If you are an adventurous person then a backpack is the best option for you. Backpacks are very lightweight and you can carry anywhere. The best thing about travel backpacks is you can maximize the amount you take away. Without checking anything. Smart travelers always prefer to carry backpacks.

Pack Less

Always carry things that you actually needed. Don’t pack too much that is not needed enough, its just extra weight that you carry on your shoulders so just pack light and enjoy your trip.

Always Carry Pen

Whenever you land at your favorite destination, and then you realize in the passport control queue, you need to fill in an entry form and you forget to carry a pen with you, so you need to find one and go back to the end of the queue. Hope this would happen to you because you have to carry a pen with you, have not you?

Save a Copy Of Your Passport

Always carry a passport zerox with you because in case your passport goes missing, stolen or damaged, you have a backup copy on you at all times. If you want the freedom to travel, live, work, and study across the Europe, Digital Émigré can help you get a second passport. Visit to learn more.

Put Your Shoes In Shower Cap

Every time it is not possible to clean your shoes so put your shoes in a shower cap. Take the shower cap and this will also help you to keep that dirty footwear out from your clothes.

Bring Empty Water Bottle

You don’t need to buy a water bottle every time. Most airports have drinking fountains at airports so take your empty water bottle and refill them.

Eat Locally To Save Money

You don’t need to eat food in hotel restaurants that are very costly. All you have to do is just visit local markets where you will get tasty food at the lowest prices.

Put Your Wallet In Front Pockets

Don’t be so stupid and always put your wallet in front of your pockets so that your money cannot steal by the thief. So be safe and travel more.

Make Your Own Smart TV

Take an extra plastic bag and turn it into DIY. Yes, it’s true if you are travelling with someone to take one headphone splitter. This will helps you to allow connecting 2 headphones to a single phone or a tablet and enjoying the viewing experience with this amazing DIY hack. It is one of my most favorite travel hacks.

Trust Your Instincts

Always trust your instincts if you feel something does not feel right, get out of here because your intuition does not lie. One more thing always uses your local languages when you speak.

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