Festivals and Events in Costa Brava

Top 8 Festivals and Events in Costa Brava That You Should Not Miss


Top 8 festivals and events in Costa Brava

Festivals enlighten the souls. It creates a sense of belonging in the hearts of the people. Festivals are mainly significant in the traditional and religious activities. Also, this is a medium to celebrate some quality time with friends and families. Apart from nominal religious and folklore reasons, there are so many festivals which are celebrated for seasonal and harvest reasons, foods and drinks, music, art and creativity, and so on. So, if you want to enjoy the festivals and events in Costa Brava, book villas in Costa Brava during these festivals.

While talking about festivals and events in Costa Brava, it becomes the biggest place of music festivals during the summer.  The demands of the music festivals here increase so much that some fests are now officially added to the country’s cultural calendar and also the top national and international performers have been offered to sing in many concerts. Here are the top 8 events and festivals of Costa Brava which are hard to be missed.

1. Castell de Peralada International Music Festival

This festival is considered as the major art events during the summer in Costa Brava. It is founded in 1987 with the love and passion for music, lyrics, and dance. It was a great initiative to bring music and dance on an international platform. And from then to now, this classical event has been marked as the biggest success in Europe. Castell de Peralada will give you absolute joy through an endless program of ballets, recitals and chamber music, opera, zarzuelas which are locally known as Spanish light Operas and many more. This music festival is completely worth going for.

2. The Pilgrims Vow

It is another well-known event in Tossa de Mar, a famous town in Costa Brava. While enjoying the scenic beauty and historical tradition of this town, you can get the full enjoyment from this event. There is an interesting story behind the name of the event. In the 15th century, a severe plague occurred and took innumerable lives. Also, it almost destroyed a particular number of coastal towns. After this act, the dwellers of Tossa decided to send a huge number of pilgrims every year to the monastery of St. Sebastian in Santa Coloma de Farners. This act is been taken to thank the people who helped them in driving the epidemic away. Almost over 500 years, the vow has been kept and followed. The walk to pilgrim lasts for an entire day with a procession arriving in the afternoons. This is how the event takes place in the history of Costa Brava.

3. Candle and Tortell Dances

Another event that perfectly takes place in the list of the most famous events in Esponella, Costa Brava. Here a group of people showcases their dancing skills by circling around a particular place. There is a presence of a constable at the head of the procession. Altogether the event looks very majestic and should not be missed by anyone.

4. Carnival in Vargas

This carnival is going to add an extra taste to the list. It is popularly known as a food festival. Usually, it is celebrated in Sopa de Verges and Ranxo de Vidreres, where town people provide the goods and distribute them at lunchtime. Sometimes the dishes are being made with potatoes and fishes by the fisherman in Rose Bay while sometimes fish rice has been served in Sant Sebastia Lighthouse. To experience some fish dishes, you should be there at the time of this festival.

5. Cap Roig Gardens Festival

The Cap Roig Gardens Festival is one of the beautiful music festivals in Calella de Palafrugell. The festival is a blend of the top artists in different fields such as classical music, dance, jazz, world music, and many more genres. The concert is been organized in an auditorium which is been settled magically, surrounded by a botanical garden next to the sea.

6. Festival de Jazz

A jazz festival which is very popular in Girona, Costa Brava. Every September, the jazz festival happens for two long weeks. The concerts are organized in well-ticketed venues, also in public places across the city for free experience. The free experience is just to inspire both kinds of people- those who are fond of jazz and those who are newly discovering it. A must visiting experience for every jazz lover!

7. Porta Ferrada Festival

From 1958, Porta Ferrada Festival which has been organized in Sant Feliu de Guixols is the primitive summer festival in Catalonia. Usually, the event is held in the Municipal Theatre or auditorium, Romanesque church of the monastery and also in gardens and portico of a renowned building. The festival is enriched with versatile music, theatre acting, and dance that give you the opportunity of experiencing the oldest yet famous concert here in Costa Brava.

8. Temps Di Flores

This is one of the remarkable events in Girona, Costa Brava. In this one week-long event, floral art gets installed all over the city, more precisely inside the Arabic baths and ancient churches, around the museums and also in public places. This event has been taken place in the festive calendar of Costa Brava and thus is worthy of remark.

These 8 significant festivals and events are the glaring evidence that compels everyone to visit Costa Brava and be a witness to these distinctive beauties.

This is a guest post by Seema Gurnani, who also runs an Indian Travel Blog sharing food and travel stories about India and rest of the world at pandareviewz.com

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