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The trend and requirement for solar systems and solar products are increasing because it is environment-friendly and save electricity bills. People are moving Smart devices and these solar energy products are one such example. As we are one of the highly populated countries in the world, we emit more carbon waste than others, which later leads to depreciation in the availability of highly required goods and services. The companies which require high electric power has started using solar power/ wind power for the working of their industries. Solar and Wind are basically two major ways to produce electric power after water. By switching to other ways to generate electricity, we ultimately contribute to society.

The demand for high electricity needs gave birth to the solar power system and now the increasing demand for solar panels has led to the rise of solar companies in India. Solar power companies in India produce the goods which run with the help of sunlight. Whenever the rays of the sun reach the solar panel sheets, it converts them to electricity and it can store that electric power for further use. Currently, Solar energy is more popular than wind energy so people are thinking of switching towards it, even for residential purposes.  

What are the advantages of using solar power?

  • The energy it produces is renewable
  • It saves money by reducing bills of electricity
  • The cost for maintaining it is not much
  • It is environment-friendly
  • It promotes sustainable development
  • The expense is a one-time thing
  • Doesn’t release harmful gases into the environment

Few Facts about Solar Power

It was first used in the 7th century B.C.

The new-gen prominent way of generating electricity is solar power

It contributes to a healthy nation indirectly by releasing no harmful gases

Horticulture and agriculture make maximum use of solar energy.

Solar energy can pasteurize water

Top 10 Solar Companies in India

Loom Solar Private limited

Based in Faridabad, this company, Loom, has the capacity to produce 100 MW (MegaWatt). It is a lithium battery manufacturer, which is growing rapidly. It was started in 2018 and now it has a wide range of solar panels from 10 watts to 450 watts super high capacity panels. They deliver in 5-7 working days and install your products properly. All the products are approved by the government and the system is all legit. Popular products by Loom- Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar Systems, Solar Chargers etc.

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Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is a Kolkata based solar power products producing company which is catering for 4 continents of the world. It creates mono and bifacial solar panel modules and has installed over 1355 MW solar plants in India. The manufacturing capacity of solar panels is over 1 GW and also, this company has a 10 KW floating solar plant in its main city- Kolkata. The global offices of Vikram Solar are situated in Europe and Africa. This solar company has expertise in producing high-efficiency PV modules and EPC solutions.

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TATA Power Solar

Tata Power Solar holds the first position in top solar companies in India which makes it the most reliable brand among all. The company has shipped over 1.4 GW (GigaWatt) solar modules across the world in the last 20 years and out of that; the residential rooftop solar units are the best selling products. The former name of this brand was Tata BP Solar. This company provides almost 25 years of warranty services with its solar products. Tata produces solar cells, solar modules and many other solar-based products for the market.

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Adani Solar

Adani has businesses in various niches and their companies are the top companies in the respective fields. Just like that, adani solar is one of the high performing solar companies in India which has a development centre in the area of Gujarat. In the 15 largest solar power manufacturers in the world, Adani has held one of the positions on the list. Adani Solar is manufacturing the world’s biggest Greenfield solar manufacturing plant holding a capacity of 1.2 GW at one particular location. The company’s module manufacturer and solar cell hold the module capacity and cell of more than 1.5 GW.

solar energy companies in india

Waaree Energy Ltd

Founded in 1989, this Mumbai based company is very popular in developing solar power plants across the globe. Waaree has its presence in 68 countries and it provides EPC services, project development, solar water pumps, solar rooftop solutions, independent powerhouses etc. It is one of the country’s largest Solar PV Module manufacturers with a capacity of 1.5 GW. They have a huge customer base and they can handle projects with ease.

solar power companies in india

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Ltd

The largest manufacturer of solar water heating systems across Asia is the Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Ltd. This company was established in 1992 and is growing rapidly since then. Their system of installing and commissioning solar PV projects of 14 MW in the north of Germany is very popular. Other than this project, the company has established 13-megawatt rooftops and more than 140 megawatts in this country. Emmvee has expertise in photovoltaic modules and systems for On-grid and Off-grid applications. EMMVEE create top-notch quality photovoltaic modules in the Bengaluru Manufacturing Unit.

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Moser Baer Solar Ltd

Moser Baer is a purely Indian originated company with is great in producing solar-powered PV and EPC solutions for the people. This company was established in Delhi which provides two times magnified standard warranty. Moser builds the best solar panels in India and also offers Solar EPC Services, Crystalline Silicon Cells and Thin Film Modules in India and worldwide. They use good quality raw material and focus on super neat finishing. Usually, all Solar companies have large manufacturing units and a smart team.

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Microtek Solar Solutions

Microtek provides its services for both retail use and commercial use which boosts the popularity of this brand. All the products of this brand are made with the supreme quality and latest methods to deliver top-notch results. Microtek has a wide reach and a great market. Their products are Photo Voltaic Modules, Power Conditioning Units, Solar Management Units and Solar combo packages.

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Webel Energy Systems

Webel Solar was introduced in 1990 and is a top manufacturer of photovoltaic crystalline solar cells and modules in India. The company manufactures highly trustworthy photovoltaic modules with 30% yearly growth and 10 MV manufacturing facilities for cells and modules for different domestic, commercial and industrial applications. As far as the growth is concerned, this company is expected to grow in the future.

RenewSys Solar

With global and domestic reach, RenewSys Solar is a growing company based in India. They are a full-service solar module and key component manufacturer that includes solar PV cells, black sheets, and encapsulants. They have two manufacturing facilities in India and supply more than 40 countries around the world.

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Other Solar Energy Companies in India

  • Access Solar
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd
  • Green Brilliance Solar Energy
  • HHV Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Jain Irrigation Systems
  • Maharishi Solar Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Modtech Engineering
  • PLG Power Limited
  • Premier Solar Systems Pvt Ltd 

Top Solar Energy Products

·        Solar Chimney

·        Solar Water Heater

·        Solar Water Pumps

·        Solar Air Conditioner

·        Solar Water RO

·        Solar Cell Phone

·        Solar Charger

·        Solar Inverter

·        Solar Cooker

·        Solar Street Light

·        Solar EPC

·        Solar Balloon


Solar energy products have made their presence in the market so they need for top solar companies is increasing. There are so many solar panel companies in India and foreign that are providing the finest quality products. Here we have explained the requirements, benefits, Indian solar companies and top solar energy products for a better understanding. Solar products are a big investment so try buying from these companies which provides guarantee and reliability along with products. Share your experience of buying from these companies and your views on this article.

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