Top 8 Smart Devices for Your Kitchen

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Today, smart devices are getting multifunctional. Even an old Android phone allows you to chat with your friends and watch YouTube videos in high quality. And, of course, besides smartphones, everyone uses other devices, and for your kitchen, these gadgets are what you should pay attention to.

▶️ Escali SmartConnect

It’s a smart devices in kitchen scale for the diet-conscious. Besides accurately “hanging up in grams” all the right ingredients, this scale also connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. All you have to do is install the Escali SmartConnect app and you can accurately monitor the calories and nutritional content of all your meals.

▶️ Crock-Pot WeMo

Stewing and stewing are back in style, and now you don’t need a cooling wood-burning oven to cook them. WeMo’s Crock-Pot not only can make great, healthy meals, but it can do it right when you get home. All you have to do is plug it into your home network, and you can control your cooking even when you’re away from home right from your smartphone screen.

▶️ iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

With this gadget, you no longer have to constantly go to the oven and check if your roast beef or turkey is ready. All you have to do is install the sensor and you can go do other things. The moment the internal temperature of the meat reaches the right level, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. The kit includes an LED display with magnets that shows the current temperature and can be mounted on the wall of the oven.

▶️ Samsung RF28R7551SG

This fridge is a true entertainment center. Built-in tablet with a touch screen and Internet access will allow you to watch TV, download recipes, and even answer the phone without leaving the refrigerator! And the built-in camera inside will help you check right out of the store to make sure you don’t need to buy another dozen eggs.

▶️ Anova Precision Cooker

Cooking sous vide (in a vacuum) was until recently the prerogative of restaurants. But the latest gadgets for the home can be used to prepare tender meat for grilling in your own kitchen. The Anova Precision Cooker heats the water to exactly the right temperature and controls the whole process. And you get restaurant-quality steak or fillets at the end. You can control it through a smartphone app. And if you’re an avid hunter that wants to process your own game meat.

▶️ Revolution Cooking R180

It’s the world’s first smart devices toaster with a touch screen display. You can set the cooking time precisely for each type of baking, including toast, waffles, muffins and so on. It also has a 15-second reheat function. When off, the display turns into a kitchen clock.

▶️ Zwilling Efinigy Power Blender

Even blenders have become smart devices today. In addition to the powerful motor, the multitude of nozzles and six programs, there is a branded mobile app with video instructions and a huge database of recipes which can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the device.

▶️ GeniCan Scanner

This scanner will turn your trash can into a smart devices to help you make your shopping list. The moment the next empty bottle or can goes in the bucket, the device scans its barcode and adds the product to the list of things you need to buy or order in the store.

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