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Real Dealer Games and Live Casino Games: What is the Difference?

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The age of the oldest accessories for dice games found in India and Egypt is estimated by archaeologists to be at least 4000 thousand years old. Over the past millennia, the gaming industry has been constantly improving, but in the past 25 years, it has taken a huge step forward. Thanks to the Internet and specially developed software, every gambling enthusiast can now log in to online casinos wherever and whenever he wants. Players are no longer subject to official restrictions and gambling critics’ bias. Handheld devices made it possible to play on the go.

However, visiting an online casino does not give the effect of personal presence and involvement in the world of gambling that a player has while visiting a land-based one. The soulless automaton does not provide the adrenaline storm and excitement that every real player dreams of, however, many people prefer the 666 casino bonus at home to have less distractions.

This, to a lesser extent, applies to lottery and bingo, the wheel of luck, slots, where a player, by definition, goes one-on-one with the casino, without being distracted by conversations with the dealer or other players. Indeed, what could be a talk with a slot machine? However, if he wants to try his luck at roulette, blackjack or other table games, then in a regular online casino he will inevitably face a lack of communication.

How online casinos were revived?

The owners of online betting sites have been thinking hard about solving this problem. Since the mid-2000s, Live Casino Games – DON99 have become a challenge. There a customer feels the effect of involvement with the world of gambling.

At live casino online streaming was launched, where a live casino dealer dealt cards on the baccarat or poker table or spun the drum of wheel games. The live dealers were pretty young ladies, attracting male clients. You can play live casino games online here.

Live casino broadcast comes from a professional studio with a high-quality camera and director’s equipment, or from real casinos equipped with cams and microphones, which makes remote gambling as realistic as possible. The first broadcasts caused a lot of skepticism, but gradually things got better. Today, any Internet resource claiming to be the best casino site has a live casino online category in its menu, where there is a round-the-clock broadcast from different parts of the world. You can watch one at Bitcasino.

Poison in the Honey

Alas, the circumstances that spoiled the favorable impression of the live casinos quickly became clear. At the same time, there were complaints from both customers and owners of gambling sites. First of all, online streaming was often interrupted due to Internet failures. As a result, the gaming session was cut short, which did not add enthusiasm to the players who risked losing the bets due to technical problems, but not due to the whim of Fortune.

In addition, streaming took much longer than playing in automatic mode. Even a well-trained dealer did not always know how to look and act like a professional actor on the screen. There were delays when dealing with cards. In an ordinary offline casino, no one would have paid attention to such trifles, but during the broadcast they annoyed the players, especially since they could not influence the situation in any way.

The casino owners’ dissatisfaction was caused by the possibility of a mistake on the part of the dealer, who inevitably worries, knowing that hundreds or even thousands of people are watching his actions. This blinked at the expense of casino revenue based on mathematical probability theory.

The lucky combination

As a result of research and experimentation, Real Dealer Studios, which was developing for the Microgaming platform, proposed to harmoniously combine the random number generator that is the basis of regular online casinos and pre-shot footage. As a result, customers were offered a combination of the advantages of live and computer casinos like SA:

  1. The effect of personal participation in the game in the interior of the casino while actually being anywhere.
  2. The liveliness of the gameplay.
  3. The absence of pauses, lengths and breaks in the broadcast due to faults on the side of the casino.
  4. Exclusion of cheating during live broadcasts, the possibility of which was feared by many fans of gambling in live casinos.

The new brand was named Real Dealer Games in honor of the developer. Today the content of this kind is presented in the catalogs of all leading developers of programs for the gambling industry. Of course, a real dealer casino never offers live streams online, the dealers on the screen in reality do not pick up the deck in their hands, do not deal cards on the table, nor do they spin the roulette wheel. Players also cannot talk to real dealers online; at best, a text chat is available.

Still thanks to digital technology and the skill of directors, operators and programmers, games in the genre of a real dealer are becoming more and more popular. This is largely due to the fact that people involved as dealers on the shooting have undergone special stage training. They are practically movie actors of a special genre. The names of such stars as Courtney, Holly, Matthew and Sarati are well known to fans of online casinos with real dealers.

Real Dealer Casino Advantages

The main benefit of playing in a real dealer 카지노커뮤니티 is that the customer remains the master of his time. If there is a stream with a live dealer, both annoying delays and excessive haste are possible, while the real dealer is patiently waiting for your bet.

If you have a favorite among the dealers, then you are here again! When playing live, you cannot be guaranteed to be at the same table with Sarati or Courtney, they may have a day off that day. When playing with a real dealer, any of them, both famous and unknown, are at your disposal 24/7. Yes, your favorite cannot talk to you and vice versa. To regain the possibility of communication, you can move back to a live casino games at any moment.


Among gamblers, there are fans of both the pre-recorded game with a real dealer and live dealer casino games. Gambling experts are inclined to think that progress of gambling will follow the 2nd path.

A game with a real dealer, for all its external attractiveness, is devoid of liveliness, resembles a puppet theater or beautiful, but obviously artificial animation. Despite all the effects and luxury of a casino, players feel a little deceived. In addition, the organization of shooting, directing and broadcasting is very expensive, the fees of the stars are high.

The game library in both sections is almost the same. These are traditional card games as well as wheel games of luck with, primarily roulette. If an Online Casino Australia is focused on the national market, local games look quite organic in its virtual game rooms, for example, Rummy and Teen Patti in live casinos. The role of dealers is often played by outstanding Bollywood stars.

Live casino is more natural and human. Therefore, this type of gambling industry attracts players and developers with the possibility of promising non-standard solutions, including virtual reality technologies, video chat etc. The main task of the developers is to find and fix errors in online broadcasts and eliminate or minimize errors and oversights dropped by dealers on the air.

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  2. I love this Online gambling blog as I got all my answers here in this content.
    I’m happy to find this type of blog to read. I have learned a lot from this website.
    I rarely have problems with online betting though. I enjoyed the narrating tone of the content.

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