Raksha Bandhan – A Beautiful Festival For Siblings To Celebrate Their Pure Love


One of the most beautiful festivals in India which is celebrated on the full Moon day of Shravana month. It’s a festival for brothers and sisters. The bond of love they shared with each other is incredible. All the sisters tie Rakhi on their brother’s wrists and show her love that there is nothing more important than the bond between you and me. And in return, all the brothers promised their sisters they will always take care of her and will always protect her in whole life. In India Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different regions south, east, west, and north.

Hinduism: This beautiful festival mainly celebrated in Hindus by the northern and western parts of India.

Sikhism: In Sikh religion, Raksha Bandhan namely called as Rakhri and this festival is important for everyone. Looking for gift ideas for your brother and sister then don’t forget to check Ferns N Petals, Archies and many other online websites.

True Meaning of Raksha Bandhan

The word Raksha Bandhan is derived in two words Raksha + Bandhan. Raksha means to protect somebody and Bandhan means bond. So the meaning of Raksha Bandhan means the bond between two people. In this special day, everyone is waking up early in the morning and gets ready. The pooja thali containing Moli, Rakhi, rice grains, Diya, sweets etc. After praying for his brother’s long life, the sister ties the Rakhi on her brother’s right rand and brothers gave her so many gifts.

Beautiful story behind this Festival

One of the most famous stories we heard from our grandparents and parents about Draupadi and Lord Krishna. It is also famous in our Indian mythology. At Makar Sankranti, there was incidence in which Lord Krishna cut his fingers and Draupadi tied one end of her saree on his cut. When she tied her saree Lord Krishna continuously stared at her and promised her to protect her whole life in every situation. After some years when Kauravas disrespect and deprived (Cheerharan) Draupadi. At that time came forward to rescue Draupadi from the shameless and horrible injustice. And then Lord Krishna kept his promise when her sister Draupadi was in trouble and saved her life.

Another Famous story of Yama and the Yamuna

Once Yama visited her sister house Yamuna she treated her brother with joy and happiness. She tied a yellow thread on his brother’s wrist and Yama ask her to tell her wishes and the Yamuna asked his to visit her house as soon as possible. He blessed his sister with eternal life. And then he announced every brother who visited her sister house on this special day will be blessed with health, wealth and prosperity.

Elegant Rakhis in different styles

When the Rakhi festival is coming sisters start buying Rakhis for their brothers from the market. The rakhi comes in the form of many colorful threads, bracelets, silver rakhis, beads rakhis and many other elegant rakhis. Sisters also buy gifts and chocolates for their little brothers. Not only sister’s brothers also buy gifts for their sisters.

Main Purpose to Celebrate the Rakhi Festival

When you heard about the Raksha Bandhan the first thing came to our mind is the beautiful bond with the brother and sister because in the country like India relationship becomes the most important part of their lives. “Rakhsha Bandhan” is the festival that is dedicated to siblings love. In this festival brothers promise their sister to take care and by saving her from ups and downs in her life. This festival is nothing but shows the love and precious bond between Bhaiya and Behena.

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