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Having or eating a Paan is an ancient practice in India that has been playing a significant role in social mores, traditions, rituals and customs for centuries. It has reached the point where a leaf of Paan is provided as part of hospitality. Paan had the advantage of being able to be provided at any moment, but carrying one always with you is really not easy. The Pan Masala sector has emerged as a handy option for wet Paan as a result of advancements and positive growth in food technology and packaging. This is what Rajnigandha pan masala does.

In 1983, the Rajnigandha Pan Masala owner launched a top-notch product that satisfies selective Paan enthusiasts who seek the ideal flavour of their good old Paan in dry form. Rajnigandha has given its devotees an option to travel with them, to stay with them, handy for use anytime and anywhere.

DS Group does not want to keep away the essence of Indian pan flavour from its true fans. To widen the reach of your favourite flavoured pan and mouth fresheners, the company has marked their online presence recently. They have been offering 6 types of products to you.

Rajnigandha Products

Rajnigandha Meetha-

Relish the better snapshots of existence with new Rajnigandha Meetha, new sweet Pan Masala from Rajnigandha. An ideal mix of valuable fixings and sweet-smelling flavours including Khajoor, Supari, Katha, Lime and Elaichi. Enjoy the genuinely true Meetha paan experience now.

Rajnigandha Meetha Price-

Rs. 10/- per pack

Rajnigandha Pan-

Rajnigandha Pan Masala is a top-notch Pan Masala presenting from the 90 years of age tradition of DS Group. The ideal mix of valuable fixings and fragrant flavours including Betelnut, Catechu, Lime and Cardamom seeds, Rajnigandha has been the best option of experts of Pan Masala. Rajnigandha represents the taste of the greatness that show respect to the soul of benefactors of Pan Masala, who trust just in awesome.

Rajnigandha Pan Price-

Rs. 18/- per pack

Rajnigandha Saffron-

A few cherished accomplishments should be commended with something comparably uncommon. Rajnigandha Saffron, an ideal mix of best-handpicked saffron, colourful flavours, and valuable fixings, offers you the rich taste that these minutes really merit.

Rajnigandha Saffron Price-

Rs. 10/- per pack

Rajnigandha Silver Pearls-

Rajnigandha Pearls are handpicked cardamom seeds that are mixed with the best quality saffron and are covered with sparkling silver leaves. Rajnigandha Pearls is our conventional mouth purifier in a cutting edge symbol with a genuine combination of heart liquefying taste and magnificent newness that will definitely allure each taste bud.

Rajnigandha Silver Pearls Price-

Rs. 60/- per pack

Rajnigandha Khajoor

Tulsi Royal Khajoor is made of handpicked premium quality dates covered with unadulterated silver leaves. An ideal mix gives a powerful encounter of taste with added medical advantages of Khajoor. It is one of the remarkable and maybe first of the sort advancement when a Khajoor has been presented in clean and predominant structure with appealing bundling. Tulsi Royal Khajoor Plus as a brand represents the purchasers to live in their current second and partake in each moment of life to its fullest.

Rajnigandha Khajoor Price-

Rs. 50/- per pack

Pulse Candy

Beat candy has tracked down a spot in everyone’s souls since its send-off in 2015. Profoundly and a hard-bubbled outside, this candy is an ideal mix of a fruity and a tart contort. In this manner, it figures out how to bundle the Kachcha Aam flavour and acquire it to you little parcels of fervour. You as well, can add tartness to each snapshot of existence with Pulse Kachcha Aam candy and add a punch of fervour to your day.

Pulse Candy Price-

Rs. 60/- per pack

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Rajnigandha Events

The Company organises and hosts events to motivate people to continue working harder. They have organised around 18 events till now including a film festival, imagine fest, Patna Utsav and many more. You can take a look at all the event photos on their official website.

Click here to see the events

R Club Rewards

To engage more with the audience, Rajnigandha has come up with R club rewards where you participate to get some additional benefits from the company. 

To get the benefits of the R Club Rewards, you need to follow this-

ranjigandha pan masala

R Club Rewards-

R club rewards

Redeemable Products-

rajnigandha products

Rajnigandha Pan Masala Ingredients

⇨ Betelnut

⇨ Cardamom Seeds

⇨ Sandalwood Oil

⇨ Rose Essence

⇨ Ruh Kewda

⇨ Catechu (kattha)

⇨ Cloves

Ranjigandha Pan Masala Alternatives

✓ Pinki Pan Masala

✓ Shahi Bahar

✓ Bekarar

✓ JMJ Group

✓ Shikhar Pan Masala

✓ Vimal Ultra Pan Masala


Q. What is the nutritional value of ranjigandha pan masala?



Q. Does Rajnigandha pan masala contain tobacco?

A. Rajnigandha Pan Masala does not contain tobacco

Q. Why is pan masala addictive?

A. The phenol in the betel nut, with its caustic burning effect, destroys the mucosa, causing oral ulcers. The betel nut also contains tannins, which act as astringents, precipitating protein and damaging the mucosa. Altogether, this substance is known to be physiologically addictive.

Q. Does pan masala cause acidity?

A. It can also cause heartburn, high or low blood pressure, increased body temperature, and irregular heartbeat. Betel chewing can also damage the gums, and people can feel the dryness and burning of the mouth.

Q. Is rajnigandha nicotine free?

A. Rajnigandha Pan Masala does not contain Tobacco or Nicotine as an ingredient.

Q. Is Rajnigandha Pan Masala available in any other variant?

A. Rajnigandha is also available in the Saffron-blended variant.

Q. How can I track the status of my order?

A. Your order can be tracked by visiting your account, or by clicking on the link sent to you through SMS. The following status of your order as displayed on the SMS shall have the following meaning and will be construed accordingly:

Order placedOrder confirmed
Order packedPreparing for delivery
Order shippedOrder is picked up for delivery
Order in-transitOrder on its way for the destination area
Order out for deliveryThe package has reached the final delivery location
Order deliveredDelivery completed

Q. How do I place an order?

A. Shopping at rajnigandha.com is easy and secure. Placing an online order requires just a few steps:

  • Select product you would like to purchase.
  • Then click on Buy Now button from either the quick view or product detail page.
  • You can then choose to continue shopping or go directly to Checkout.
  • Once you have finished shopping, click on Shopping Cart at the top right corner of page, and follow the checkout steps to make necessary payments.
  • An order confirmation will be send to you through SMS with your order number.

Note- Chewing of Pan Masala is injurious to health.

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