Happy Mothers Day

Mothers Day: Unique Gift Ideas To Double Your Celebration


“Maa” the name says everything. You cannot describe your mother in a single word because she is a universe. A universe of unconditional love, care, sympathy, protection, sentiment and a whole of other emotions. She is a superwoman who always spread love, no matter what the situation is. She is the most important person in everyone’s life or you can say she is the pillar of the house. From giving birth to providing support in each and every situation, she is always there for you. She handles everything and balances so many things with a huge smile. Every year we celebrated Mothers Day but this Mothers Day lets do something new and unique. Make her feel more special by saying Happy Mothers Day Mom.

The relationship between a mom and her children is incredible and precious. There are times when you ignored your mother but she never feels sad and forget everything and hugged you tightly. That’s called unconditional love. The love of a mom is pure, true and comes without any intention and you cannot love her the way she loved you. She is your better half and your world also. This mother’s day try something new, something that she never imagined. She is special so you should be very thoughtful and careful about the Gift Ideas.

Your Mother’s Job Title Is Incredible

Mum’s are incredible, are not they? She washed your clothes, cooked delicious food daily, picked you every time you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on.

Mothers Day Dealsshutter

Job Description: Mother

Reporting Time: Before the sun rises from the east

Holidays: No Holidays (she worked 365 days)

Salary: Ample love from family and children

Tasks: She worked the whole day and night and for her all tasks are important

Qualification: No qualification required because she is a genius

Million’s of women’s in India hold this position. She wakes up every day early in the morning when her children’s and family enjoying their sleep. She worked nonstop without taking any kind of break. She is our caretaker and off course a protector. You feel heaven in your mother arms. So it’s the right time to show your love and respect her feelings and emotions.

Special Messages 

When you hear the word “Mom” the first thing comes to our mind is she is special. “Mother” is the most precious of all the gifts that one can receive in life. You can also say that it is the best gifts that God give us. She is the only person who understands your feelings without saying a single word. She finds happiness in your happiness and never complaints you anything. Her love is pure and never asks anything in return. So, guys, it’s time to return the love to the most beautiful women in this world. As you know mother’s day is coming so is the occasion to celebrate your mom and re-create the memories you have with her.

Mothers Day special messages

However, a celebration is always incomplete without lovely messages. There are many peoples who don’t live with their mothers and family but don’t worry you can send beautiful text messages on Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Instagram, normal SMS or you can write a beautiful message on a greeting card. If you are wondering what to write for your lovely mom, don’t worry here I am sharing some special quotes for your mothers that you will definitely love and make her feel more special.

“Mom you are special not on Mother’s day but every single day. I don’t want to imagine my life without you because you are my world. Thank you for everything and always stand by my side. 

Happy Mothers Day

“Mom it was you who understood the reason behind my tears. It was you who first fed me and it was only you who first felt my heartbeat. So how can someone be so important as you Maa? 

Mothers Day Quotes

“Mom you are the best person in my life who teaches me everything. When I failed you scolded but also did not forget to make me understand the importance of failure. Thank you, Mummy, for your advice and your endless love. 

Mothers Day Quotes India

“Dear Mom I am really proud to have you in my life. You are my best friend, philosopher and of course a well-wisher. On this special day, I want to say that I LOVE YOU MOM. 

Inspirational Mothers Day Quotes

“I don’t know why people say nothing is perfect in this world. I know a perfect person and that my mother. Love you always”

Mothers Day Quotes From Daughter

“Mom You are my superwomen who always protects me and gives me energy, hope, and confidence. The way you handled everything and still, you smile, you are my inspiration. Love you to the moon and back. 

Happy Mothers Day

“Mom I Miss your Haath ka khana. There is no better feeling in this world is that the tasty food made by your Mom. Thank you would be a very small word for you Mom because you are adorable”.

Mama Day Quotes

M – Merciful

O – Outstanding

T – Therapist

H – Humble

E – Energetic

R – Refined

Happy Mother’s Day Maa…!!

Popular & Funny Dialogues Of Every Indian Mumy

It’s true when you are with your mother, you feel heaven in her lap and you feel safe and secure. The love of mothers for their children’s are speechless because you cannot describe her love in words. People say that Indian mothers are quite melodramatic. To correct their child she comes up with funny dialogues and sometimes cynical. In India, these dialogues are very common and these dialogues make us believe that all mothers are the same. It’s a part of everyone’s childhood and seriously guys these taunts are really funny.

Indian Mother Dialogues

When Will You Grow Up

She used this dialogue in every situation whenever she is frustrated or angry. If you are misbehaving with your relatives, she will say this dialogue. In the kitchen, if you are trying to make roti and your roti looks like in America shape, she will utter her dialogue again. If your room is messy, she will say this dialogue. So whenever you behave like a kid she will say this dialogue again and again. And when you are a mature person, her eyes fill up with tears of love and pride and slowly she murmurs “when did you grow up so much”.

Indian Dialogues

No child in This Neighborhood Is a Brat like You

When you forget about your homework or school test, your mom will say this dialogue. If you are playing cricket for long hours and ignored home tasks she will definitely say this dialogue. She will always compare you with other kids and makes you feel terrible. When she continuously comparing you with other children’s, her main motive is to prepare you for the competitive world and you should be very thankful.

Indian mummy dialogues

Wake Up, It’s Afternoon & It Is Hardly 7 AM

This is the most common trick every mom applies without feeling guilty at all. On the one hand, she will teach the kids not to lie at all and on the other hand, she lied every day by saying this dialogue. It’s really hilarious, no matter how mature you are, for your mother you will always a kid. She will wake you up early in the morning by saying “uth ja 10 Baj Gaye” but it’s actually 7 A.M and the tone she used seems real. You wake up and thinking that you are getting late but then you see the clock, you understand that it’s your mother trick. In summers if you don’t wake up early in the morning she will switch off the fan and AC and that’s her another trick.

childhood mummy dialogues

First Get Married & Then You Are Free To Do Anything

When you crossed 18 and enter in adulthood, another popular dialogue is ready. Anything from going to a picnic and hang out with your friends, she will have this cryptic answer. For your mother you are still “just born yesterday” and if you ask to go to a pub at night, she will say this dialogue.

Childhood Memories

Giving Birth To You Was the Biggest Mistake Of My Life

When you disappoint your mother badly, she will get all teary eyed and she will say this highly emotional dialogue with her broken voice or in a loud voice. She used this dialogue when you have done something wrong like if you smoke and she catches you for the first time or if you drink she will say these dialogues.

Childhood dialogues

I Do Not See A Bright Future For You

When you bring a report card which is really not good and has fewer marks, she will say this pessimistic dialogue. she uses this dialogue with the aim to understand the value of education so that you can score good marks.

Funny Indian Dialogues

You Kids Have No Shame At All

When she told you to behave well in front of relatives place and still you ended up fighting with someone, she uses this dialogue. This is her all-time favorite dialogue. if you and your sibling sleeping more and more during exams, she will again say this dialogue.

Mothers Dialogues

Am I Your Mom Or You Are Mine

If your mother makes a special food for you and you are pinpointing, you will listen to this dialogue. when she is getting ready for a party and by mistake if you try to teach her makeup or styling, then also you will end up with this dialogue from her.

Mama Bollywood Style Dialogues

Gift Ideas For Your Lovely Mother

Mother’s day is around the corner and if you are still wondering what to gift to your lovable mom, well don’t worry here I am sharing top best ideas for Mothers Day.

Mothers Day gift ideas

Personalized Gifts

What can be more adorable and unique then customized gifts? Personalized gifts are very close to everyone because it relates to your memories. So this mother’s day brings a huge smile on your mother’s face by gifting her personalized gift. Buy all personalized gifts from Ferns N Petals and get maximum discounts on your online shopping. There are numerous options you can personalize like watch, bracelet, cushion, photo frame, wallet, trophy, wall hangings, etc.

Personalized Mothers Day Gifts

Greeting Cards

Your mom always takes care of yourself and now it’s your time to take care of your mother and express your love. Buy a beautiful greeting card and write your lovely words for your mother on that greeting card. And don’t forget to write Happy Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day special greeting cards

Combos & Hampers

The love of a mother is beautiful and so should be the present you are gifting her on Mother’s Day. A combo and a hamper is a perfect gift for your mother. Your mother will definitely love this gift combo.

Mothers Day Gift Hmapers


Jewelry is something that every woman’s on her favorite list. Your mom is precious so buy beautiful traditional stud earrings, a necklace or a ring with a modern touch that she will definitely love.

Mothers Bracelet

Cake With Flowers

Every mom has her unique taste and interests. So this mothers surprise your mother with a special cake or flowers. Before you cut the cake tell her “your love is sweeter than this”.

Mothers day cake


Who don’t like perfumes? We all do and of course our mothers also. This mother’s day let her feel more special by gifting her favorite perfume. In those three Lettered words “MAMA” there is a teacher, friend, and your well-wisher so guys respect your mother and the world will respect you.


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