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In these days of the pandemic, everyone just wants to get involved in any one hobby or other. One of the hobbies which are pursued by the majority of folks is gardening. People have shown so much love to plants that we, at lively root, provide freshly grown plants at home. Our plants are homegrown in the sun’s of California at San Diego. These plants receive very special treatment if ordered, hand-picked by one of our team members and delivered at your doorstep.

What is the joy of having plants?

  • Grow my own food
  • Reduce stress
  • Have a friend close by
  • Decorate my house
  • Make a planet healthier
  • Have a purified air

Our Mission

Here, at lively root, we inspire people for gardening. We connect people with greenery in their lifestyle. Our horticulturists provide advice on your plant care and we believe that education on any work is important too. We invite families, dwellers or environmentalists to enjoy, not only the beauty of plants but its health and environmental benefits too.

Our Team

Lively root has an efficient bunch of people who have an extended knowledge of horticulture which is not limited to house plants only. Here, every member is committed to making your botanical journey, a musical verse. How do contact them? Well, they are an email away. They are responsible to give you serious advice and judgment about your plant care.

Our Delivery Process

Lively root aims to make your plant ordering journey, a joyous one. Our team members are committed to answering your questions about an order, plant care, and also, there to receive your feedback and reviews. Our delivery always comes with professional guidance from start to finish. It is a shopping experience which both you and your planet can come upon.

  • Our delivery is guaranteed under a top-notch process.
  • Plants are safely packed during their journey from our table farm to your doorstep.
  • We believe in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Also it’s free shipping and will be delivered right to your door.

Here at lively root, there are 3 diverse service levels for shipping. Options are:-

  • Standard service- delivery within 4 to 7 days.
  • Expedited- 2 to 3 days.
  • Rush- 1 to 2 days.

Various carriers are used to provide the best and the fastest shipping.

Order Fulfillment

Usually, each order is processed and shipped within 1 to 2 days. Orders are fulfilled from Monday to Saturday except for major US holidays on Independence Day, Memorial Day, Christmas or New Year’s eve and day. Regardless of which you choose be sure to check them out thoroughly for proper licensing along with reviews and customer testimonials. In addition, they will have trucks that are specifically designed for shipping and they will know how to load and unload it.

Plants at Lively Root

The range & variety of plants at lively root is all that you will love. It extends from indoor decoration to your pet-friendly outer plants too.

With every delivered plant of ours, a scorecard will be there which will help you out to take care of your new member in the family.

What kind of plants are delivered by Lively Root?

Best Selling Plants

There is no need of extra knowledge of horticulture to buy our best-selling collection. These plants are meant for Indoor plants or outdoor collection and can be reviewed from our top-ranking results.

Plants– Money tree, Peacock plant, Snake plant, Pineapple plant with fruit, Spider plant, Jasmine or Lily flowers, String of Pearls etc.

Our best-selling collection can inspire you to add beauty to your home and your outdoor spaces. It can surely pursue you to buy to experience its all-year-round tropical and heartwarming nature. It endures air-purifying too.

Pet Friendly Plants

Our pet friendly plant collection is ASPCA recognized as non-toxic and safe for pets. Its in the nature of pets that they eat or bite the house plants so why not to make their eating safe? Here, at lively root, our pet-friendly plants will surely give you a best experience of buying.

Dog friendly plants- Spider plant, Maidenhair Fern, Boston Ferns, Peacock plant etc.

Cat friendly plants- Christmas Cactus, African Violet, Parlor Palm, some Succulents etc.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are contrary to its name are not true lilies. These are flower bulbs and can be kept for your indoor or outdoor spaces. It gives glamour anywhere you place it.

Lilies- Be my Princess Calla Lily (having pink blossoms and lavish stems), Be my Main Squeeza Calla Lily (having refreshing citrus color and a bright coloured lilies), Be my sunshine calla Lily (Having bright coloured yellow lilies which is a trumpet shaped waxy flower, it is a symbol of purity and beauty) etc.

Landscape Or Outdoor Plants

To enjoy your outdoor space or to celebrate your out sceneries joyfully, our outdoor plants collection is a must buy collection for those who love plants. It would ensure finest collection of landscapes that you need. Our outdoor plants collection is therefore maintaining your landscape effortless and will be an eye-treating journey for your guests too.

Plants:- Tuscan blue Rosemary (Having a delightful aroma and beautiful blooms), Pygmy date palm (Having an eye catching tropical belle of the ball) etc.

Patio Plants

Another plant collection of lively root is patio plants. It is an outdoor luxury which will add onto your value of property. These are potted house plants which will make your home beautiful from every corner. Moreover, these plants are easy to care and handle.

Plants:- Blooming Kalanchoe (Having glorious and long lasting blooms), Sago palm ( Having beautiful green leaves and textured trunk) etc.


Blooms are the type of plants which you will surely love as they are the survivors of long lasting times. These can probably out last your holiday or any special occasions. You will surely buy these blooms for its uniqueness, beauty and quality.

Booms-Gardenia vietchii ( for its fragrant and sweet aroma), Blooming Superba double Begonia ( for its colourful flowers of white, pink or red) etc.

Categories do not end here. Lively root has a wide range and variety of plants that you probably want for your many of the events like for gifting plants to someone on their birthday, anniversary, to give plants to say someone congratulations, to greet someone, Plants for the beginners or for the experts, etc. It depends upon your needs and taste, especially for love to your gardening. Lively root also has a collection of harvest and holidays like New Year’s Eve or Christmas plants etc.

How to Order?

  • Choose your plant:- Our team will always guide you to choose perfect plant which will match your needs. It has many philtres like whether you need your plant pet safe, or it should be easy to care or hard to care etc.
  • Personalise it:- If you want to give to your plant or to have it for your own purpose, you can personalise it by adding a logo, special note or any wish for someone.
  • Make the necessary payments for your plants as the shipping is free.
  • Yes, your plant is shipped with care in an eco friendly packaging.

Not the one, but surely, the best place to buy for all your gardening needs in one place. The lively root is dedicated and committed to make your horticulture experience, a magical and effortless journey. Plants are freshly homegrown and shipped to your doorstep within few days with much guidance for the care of your plant.

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