Must Try Top Best Lip Smacking Chicken Dishes From Licious


A good food and a happy pocket is what you need always. If you love non-vegetarian food then this blog is going to leave you salivating and those who don’t like non-veg, after reading this you will definitely change your mind. Every bit and bite to feel lost with tasty fresh meat which is only available at Licious.

Licious Chicken Offers

What’s better than enjoy yummy food on your lap without going outside, yes it’s true Licious Offers some amazing discounts on meat and delivers the high-quality chicken Dishes in every place in India like Bangalore, Puna, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and so on.

Licious Lip Smacking Chicken Dishes

Here Is A List Of Top Best Finger Licking Meat Dishes For Every Occasion


If you are bored with the same chicken that you eat always then try these mouthwatering Meatballs once. This exotic dish is very famous around the world, especially in Sweden. People served this mouth-watering dish with gravy. Italians and Americans serve this humble dish with spaghetti, while other Asian countries like to have it in soups and in India meatballs curry serve with rice, biryani, pasta, etc. There are many types of meatballs is available like Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Fish and so on. Pick your favorite one of your choice from Licious and enjoy the delicious meatballs at your home. Licious Offers exclusive discounts on meatballs so feel free to eat anywhere at any time without burning a hole in your pocket.

Meat Offers


There comes a time when you are alone at home and you are feeling hungry? But you don’t have a mood to cook food because of Laziness. All you have to do is just order fresh ready to cook marinades from Licious and enjoy the some me time with finger licking Marinades. There are no artificial flavors are added in Marinades so feel free to eat.

Chicken Offers

Mumbaiya Chilli Chicken

Got a new job? Let’s party. Call friends for a birthday party, qualified for an exam, dinner dates, post-breakup, you don’t need a reason to celebrate every moment of your life, just do whatever you want. Make your moments more special by ordering delicious Mumbaiya Chilli Chicken from Licious and add zing to your life. A tribute to the long-standing Chinese effect on Indian food. Curry cut chicken soaked in a real soy-based marinade is the thing that gives Mumbaiya Chili Chicken its delightful flavor. Bite into delicious juicy chicken meat stacked with delightful Chinese flavors of fresh ingredients and peppery warmth bound together by the tang of soy sauce.

Licious Chicken Offers

DILLI Ka Afghani Chicken

Most of us love to spend quality time with our family. So it’s a right time to make your parents feel more special by ordering Dilli Ka Afghani Chicken, so rich and creamy. This dish is very popular in Delhi. So now you can taste the Delhi flavors anywhere at any time. Enjoy this Happy meal with your family and relatives. Happy Family Time..!!

Finger Licking Chicken

Punjabi Tandoori Chicken

Who don’t love the flavors of Punjabi food? We all do. Forget about your tensions and your soul mate and try the new Punjab Da Tandoori Chicken which will change your mind and you feel happy and relaxed.

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In Punjab, every party is incomplete without chicken and Daaru. You can make this in the pressure cooker or grilled chicken and get the best of flavors and feasting.

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Chennai Fish Tikka

If you are planning for a romantic date for your husband or boyfriend then there is the no better option to order a finger-licking Chennai Fish Tikka from Licious. This Chennai Fish Tikka inspired by west coast cuisine of India. As someone said “Aadmi K Dil Ka Rasta Pet Se Hokar Jaata Hai”. So girls cook food for your love and show him how much you love him. Don’t worry you don’t need to spend so much time in the kitchen. With Licious, ready to cook range, cooking will be more fun, enjoyable and easy.

Chennai Fish Tikka

Kolkata Fish Fingers

When you through a party at your home for your kids birthday party we always ordered pizza, burger, pasta, noodles and we are bored with the same old menu. This year try something new that you have never tasted before. Try the Bengali style fish fingers that remind you the flavors from the East. This traditional dish comes with a regular twist that you will definitely love. It’s a perfect snack for parties and you can add this snack on every occasion.

Licious Fish Fingers

Hyderabadi Prawns Zaffrani

Do you love traveling? And always gets excited to try the new flavors of food on every state or country? Then try this Hyderabadi Prawns Zaffrani that combines the creaminess of cashews and the richness of saffron which is going to leave you salivating.

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So what are you waiting for? Order now and make your weekend more colorful with the new yummy flavors of Hyderabadi Prawns Zaffrani. If you are looking for discounts and offers on chicken and meat, you can use Licious Coupons while ordering your online food.

Chicken Deals

Bangalore Peri Peri Chicken

Finding Fresh meat during the festive season is the most difficult task but now you don’t need to waste your time on smelly markets when Licious is here. Good news to non-vegetarians its time to taste the Exotic flavors of Bangalore Peri Peri Chicken. You will definitely fall in love with its moist chicken drumsticks dripping with a spicy marinade of bird’s eye chilli, citrus peel, pepper, and herbs. Amazing combination of flavors which will double your taste.

Bangalore Peri Peri Chicken

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