Latest Tablets in India: Buy the best iPad and Android tablets with 4G features and best performance

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Tablets as a part of technology are versatile devices with a touchscreen computer that has processing capabilities and keeps us entertained. Not only youth but also the kids want the latest tablets to use the flexible features that technology is bringing. These latest tablets have a lot of features such as you can watch movies, use for calling, even surf the internet and are easily portable as compare to a computer or laptops. You should also very much consider getting a custom-built PC if you know exactly what you want as it’s so much better getting exactly what you want and need.

Depending upon price and operating system, these latest tablets are available with a lot of brands having different sizes, the latest 4G tablets model and features.

In this article, I’m going to list 9 top and best iPads and Android tablets with its features and price that would help you choose your required one. These tablets are the best selection for traveling, professional use and even for kids.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


The latest 4G tablets include Samsung is Galaxy tab 10.1 which is going to be released in India by April 2019. The tab with 10.1” high resolution lets you enjoy watching movies or anything on this perfect tab. The product comes with the price of a smartphone whereas gives you the experience of using a laptop.

With long-lasting battery life, it has a 32GB internal storage capacity that can be extended up to 256GB. So make your tablet a smart TV by watching HD movies with this WIFI capable tablet. Moreover, it lets you do multitasking at one time i.e. watch your favorite movie along with chatting with your friends.

Tablet Price in India: 18744 INR

  1. Apple iPad (12.9 inches) Pro 11

apple ipad pro

Best choice to buy a tablet now is iPad Pro 11. It is a bit expensive than others but has the best functioning. With laptops like experience in performance and 2-in-1 design ethos, you will fall in love with this superb Apple tablet.

The tablet does not have headphones jack.  But it has amazing speakers. It has pencil clips on and keyboard too. The only thing that pinched is the high price but it is worth its cost.

Price in India: Ranging between 70000-99000 INR

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

latest tablets

A perfect laptop-tablet hybrid, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a Window operating system tab. With brilliant functionality and amazing design, it is presented with an inflated price. The storage for the tab can extend up to 128GB to 1 TB.

It does not include keyboard and stylus and you must buy these to make it more efficient. The screen has a fold-out stand to prop up it on the screen’s back. Moreover, it has a good rear camera. A great choice with the latest 4G tablets.

Price in India: Starts 83,999 INR

  1. Huawei MediaPad M5 and M5 Pro

latest tablets in India

Huawei MediaPad M5 is a fantastic tablet at a lower cost than Apple iPad or Windows tab. You can buy this tab at a lower cost using electronics offers available for Amazon and other online shopping sites. It is an excellent option for those who want to have a smart tab.

This latest tablet has good long-lasting battery life and fantastic sound. But it does have any headphones jack.

Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro is its extended version with additional features. It also differs in size of the screen as the Pro version comes with a larger screen.

Price in India: Appx. 40000-60000 INR

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8

amazon fire HD-latest tablets

One of the cheap tablets is Amazon fire HD 8. Have low functionality and performance as compared to other listed here, but is worth according to price.

Those who want a cheap tablet with good performance can take this option.

This tablet can’t be included with luxury tabs but is a good option to choose with a limited budget.

Price in India: 5,000-6,000

  1. Ipad mini 5

Ipad mini5- latest tablet

This latest upcoming Apple iPad is a perfect combination of brand and low cost. This Apple Ipad costs very little as compared to smartphones. With a retina display (7.9 inches), it has headphones jack too. Moreover, it has Apple pencil support so you can use a pencil for this tab.

It is one of the cheap tablets by Apple. In addition, the other features it includes are a smart keyboard, lightning connector, touch ID and more.

Price in India: Appx. 40,000 INR

  1. Samsung tab S5e

samsung latest tablet in India

Beautifully designed Samsung tab S5e is designed to make a comfort feel. The tab runs Android 9.0 and has 4GB RAM. With the Dolby sound system, it gives you feel of enjoying your favorite music. It has a quick charging and good battery life. However, this tablet comes with different RAM and ROM capacity and thus varies in prices according to its storage.

It is the thinnest and lightest latest 4G tablet even than iPad pro.

Price in India: 14,999 INR

  1. Alcatel 3T 10

latest tablets

This latest tablet launched in Feb 2019. The tab is worth enough according to its cost. It has a good battery life of 4080mAh. It also includes an accelerometer sensor. Have a 2MP rear and 2MP selfie camera, it product offers good features in price.

Price in India: Appx. 15,000 INR

  1. Honor tab 5

honor latest tablets

New Android tablet with a lot of useful features. Having good basic storage of 32GB, it helps in saving your number of files. You can extend the storage to 512GB using an SD card. The camera is good for taking both rear and selfie pictures. Moreover, the battery life is very good having 5,100mAh power.

The only disadvantage is that you can’t do voice call on this tab and does not have a flash.

Price in India: 11,600 INR

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