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Toys are something that is loved universally by kids across the world more so by the toddlers. Gel ball blaster perth toys are ones a whole family can enjoy. In this article we will have a look at the top toy trends that are must have for your kids:

1. Wonder Woman Toys

Wonder Woman Toys

If you have a young one who is an absolute superhero movie fan and even more of a DC fan than you should definitely check out the new extremely popular Wonder Woman toys. Now, Wonder Woman the movie picked up rave reviews and was DC’s most successful movie of all time. That being with a woman, Gal Gadot was an added bonus. Immediately, merchandise related to the movie and the Amazonian princess Diana Prince garnered huge sales. If you have a girl than this toy range is indispensable. This is almost the Barbie of the modern era.

2. Poop Toys

Poop Toys

Believe it or not, Poop toys are already generating massive buzz courtesy the popularity of the similar emoji. In the age of smartphones and digitization, it is no surprise, that the next toy trend had to be from an emoji. Experts say that toddlers will not only love this toy, but this is also going to help in the long run, for providing them potty training, and making it less boring and cumbersome.

3. Fingerlings


Fingerlings are toys that stand on your fingers. Over the years these have been slowly gaining major attraction due to its uniqueness and because kids are certainly awed when they see some object standing on normal fingers. Fingerlings come in various shapes and sizes as well. You may also introduce your kid to music with these best guitars for toddlers that are portable and can be handled conveniently.

4. Dancing Groot

Dancing Groot

The Dancing Groot has gained much popularity after the Guardians of the Galaxy movies by Marvel. Groot famously died in the 1st movie and the death was much sighed. But Baby Groot returned in the 2nd movie much to the joy of the fans. The young ones nowadays are no strangers to MARVEL movies and almost all of them love Groot and Rocket. This Dancing Groot collectible is a rare moving movie character collectible that I am sure the kids today will love.

5. Space X Falcon Heavy Toy Rocket

Space X Falcon Heavy Toy Rocket

Now, if you have been following the news or are passionate about Space Technology and Astronomy that Space X Falcon Heavy Toy Rocket possibly to be designed by LEGO will excite. Elon Musk’s Space X recently launched a launch vehicle that was carrying a Tesla Roadster into space. The LEGO team is now prototyping taking the design of the much talked about Launch Vehicle. If you want your kid to be an astronaut someday, that this toy might just be the first step towards it.

6. Future Coders Plinkode

Future Coders Plinkode

Another new modern development in the toy industry is the growing importance of the toys that teach, and Future Coders Plinkcode is no exception. This toy game is usable for a bit elder ones. Plinkode helps the user get introduced to the world of coding and consists of replicating sequences to code 20 different levels.

7. Stranger Things Toys

Stranger Things Toys

If your kid is into Netflix’s Stranger Things, a Sci-Fi Horror TV series. The show has already gained massive popularity ever since its release and their merchandise sales are through the roof. Dealing with supernatural events and Psychokinetcism this is a TV series for the new tastes and their action figures are sure to excite the young fans.

8. Toy Kitchen

Toy Kitchen

If your kid loves to air cook, then this is one toy you must have a look at. This toy kitchen has all the ingredients form a mini gas stove, to shelves and cupboards and towel stands and plate stands whatever you name it.

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