Perfect Rug that will Tie the Room Together

How to Find the Perfect Rug that will Tie the Room Together?

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The processes involved in finding a perfect rug that best ties the room together depends on your design objectives. A rug makes the room all complete. But it can be such a difficult task trying to choose the right one amid several options, make sure you choose one that the carpet cleaning is easy for you.

Regardless of the types of rug you desire either a contemporary rug or area rug—be rest assured that the room will be pulled together. We then also recently purchased a really nice horse area rug which is just amazing, so we very much recommend those.

But the snag here is that it can be pretty expensive to find a good one. To Feng Shui your home, the right rug is a must—the wrong one will continuously remind you that you have wasted money. And you’ll still have to spend money again if you intend to replace it.

Given the range of materials, patterns, colors and sizes in the market, don’t you think it will be easy to go for the wrong choice? Well, that may be true—even Celerie Kemble; a New-York based interior designer did acknowledge it is a “complicated puzzle.” To solve this puzzle, you must put the following into consideration.

Go with One or a Few

Rugs play an essential role in the interior design of your home. With that said there is no hard and fast rule here; so you should not limit yourself to a single rug in the living room. Designers will often use different rugs for different areas in a larger room. So which is perfect to go with—one or a few? With a smaller living room enclosed by walls and doorways, your best bet is a single large rug.

Compare some of the rugs before finally going for your choice

If you’re struggling with making a decision, you can layer them on top of each other. Keep the single large, plain rug on the bottom while the smaller decorative rugs go on top.

You may use a big sisal rug on the bottom and layer with softer, plusher kilims on top—especially at the seating areas.

Choose a rug that best fits the size of your room

In choosing the right rug, ensure you work around the room’s obstructions. Are there door swings or doorways to consider? Do you wish to cover any floor grille for HVAC? When you put all of these into consideration, circulation around the seating areas will play out.

Imagine walking on the perimeter of a rug with one foot on it and the other off. What could be worse than that? You can either leave the floor of the walkway exposed or completely cover it—you’ll have to choose the perfect size to cover it if you decide to do so. Again, you’ll consider how far the rug should extend beyond the furniture. The best way to size a rug is by ensuring that it reaches underneath all four feet of the furniture.

You may even go for a smaller rug that does not extend beyond the front feet of the chair and sofas. But you must ensure that smaller objects at the rug’s edges are completely on or off the rug.

Go for a rug pattern that compliments the design of your room

A boldly patterned rug does a whole lot—it can define the feature of a living rug. But the thing here is that it requires courage to go with such an option. It comes down to personal preference for a graphic statement rug or one that is understated. Your overall vision might play a significant role too in your choice selection.

There are endless choices when it comes to patterned rugs—free form, contemporary designs, etc. You can decide to keep it simple and keep the pattern on a smaller scale.

There are sisals with patterns, for example, subtle stripes and herringbones. You can add a fabulous binding in suede or leather to dress them down. It will not add to the prize.

Pick a rug made of quality materials

Rugs and carpets come in a variety of materials—plant-based fibers (sisal, linen, jute, etc.) or synthetic (nylon and solution-dyed acrylic). Also, non-woven rugs may come into the picture; some made from materials like cowhide. Each of these rug materials will often give a different look and feel—with characteristics based on how the material wears and how it is easy cleaning them. Rugs range in price and carpets come at different prices depending on installation costs.

Rugs from plant-based materials are often affordable; they offer a casual look. But fibers come with different durability—cotton and linen will age quickly, while sisal and allo can stand the test of time.

Wool can present you with a range of looks, though depending on how you handle it—they’re thin, flatweaves, hairy or hand-knotted shags. For most plant-based materials, wool seemed to be the most expensive. However, it is stain-resistant, durable and softer underfoot.

Wool contains lanolin, and that makes it cleanable and stain-resistant. When you spill, the liquid doesn’t absorb immediately; it stays on top for a while. And that gives you time to clean up.

Decide on the purpose of the rug

If you have kids around and stains and spill is a problem, you might want to consider an indoor-outdoor rug that is made using a synthetic material like polypropylene or PET (polyethylene terephthalate)—they’re now so soft that is so difficult differentiating them from indoor-only materials.

To finally make your room top-notch you might want to consider getting a non-slip rug pad.  Ensure the pad is cut to size—slightly smaller than the carpet. The rule of thumb is to trim an inch shorter than the rug on all sides for maximum grip—but you’ll have to prevent a visible change in level as the rug moves from pad to floor. You can learn more about this at Diyza. Making sure that your rugs have non-slip rug pads can help prevent slip and fall accidents because there are multiple slip and fall cases in nyc for the past few years which you don’t want to happen in your own home as well.

With a rug pad, comes extra cushioning. But the main essence of having it around is about preserving the life of the rug. What that does is that your new rug will never slide—just like a banana peel would.

The idea of Feng Shui in your room will not come to life with the wrong type of rug. And it couldn’t be said better than everybody wants their room to convey the right energy and reflect a distinct sense of style. Choosing the perfect rug will only make that a reality.

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