Cab Booking: Transport has become one major day to day life need from school kids to office goers. Till 2000 there has been an absence of reliable glaring options and then taxis like the fast track originated in 2000 and after 13 years cabs like OLA and UBER came to town and has now taken an important position in the country.

Everybody wants a comfortable travel and also an affordable one with air-conditioned ones so that they can have a haggle free ride. Owning a smartphone is not only for calls and for photographs it is also for commuting to a person without hassle by just booking the car with an app in just 5 minutes. You will just some basic knowledge and a good network connection. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, here’s what you need to know about Michigan’s helment law.

When you compare cabs and taxis everybody prefer cabs as they are comparatively better and now there has been a cab revolution. Let us see about them in detail.


Whenever any technology appears there has always been some disadvantages placed against them but they all see them at a short-term but when looked at a long-term perspective there has always been a benefit for all. That is how when cabs like OLA and UBER were introduced there were complaints as that would kill the livelihoods of auto drivers and traditional cab drivers. Cabs like Easy cabs and Meru are at its state of extinction as they are getting replaced by these cabs.

Taxis and auto drivers have their own discretion to decide to enter or not into a service-driven opportunity for the sake of living as they are not under the control of the government. Any traveler or commuter would like to avail the taxi when they are in need of it and some of the features they prefer are the courteousness of the driver, transparent and affordable fare and a safe journey without any hurdles.

The behavior of the Drivers in the Taxi

In case of an inappropriate behavior of the drivers in taxi, the commuter will have to report the matter and then prefers a quick redressal but with the cabs like ola and uber you have an advantage of immediate action and have a control over them as for every travel you are in a position to give feedback and rating for 5 stars and even for the cancellation, you must state the possible reasons. If the driver regrets to accept your booking, you have an option of “Driver Denied duty” for which action will be taken by them. If you were in a car accident that resulted in injury, an attorney for car crashes in Hartford, CT can help you deal with the legal process.

In Ola and Uber the driver cannot demand an additional fare or refuse to accept the booking but in taxis or auto they have their choices on fare and nobody is going to question them if they refuse to accept your travel proposal. Many auto drivers do not follow the meter procedures and even if they do they ask for an extra of Rs. 20 from the meter price stating that meter fares are low and sentimentally attacking as that is not possible for their lives to lead.

They also give other reasons for not getting a return ride from that place or the place is too short or traffic one so that there comes a wastage of petrol. These drivers are also prone to speeding their way through traffic which can be dangerous for everyone on the road. Whenever the petrol prices raise the fare rates are also increased but in these cabs, the prices remain the same but when demands grow up or at peak hours there is a rise in price. And when an accident occurs due to the negligence of another driver, you are typically entitled to compensation for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident. Talk to a skilled car accident lawyer in lafayette and have him or her review your claim.


Ola launched its services in 2013 in Chennai and its Mini service was established in 2014 whose fares were equal to autos. It is compatible and goes app only. Its micro service was launched in 2016 with a base fare of Rs 40 and cashless payments were made. There has been a promise to launch Wi-Fi in its vehicles but not yet completely made.


There has been a bill related to the rules for the Ola and uber cabs that was made by the State Transport Authority but has not been passed yet. This was also made against a complaint of no regulations for them. I would state one disadvantage of these cabs is that they have introduced surge-pricing where the price can go three times higher than the original price.

Now Ola has 20,000 of the 74,000 autos. When looking into the history of uber this has also been competitive and has launched its services in 2013 at a price of Rs. 13 for a km but they had only cars and no autos. Since the price was high it reduced them to Rs. 8 in 2015. They do have safety options and cashless payment options are also provided. Now the price has been decreased to Rs. 6 per km.

Both of them provide coupons for the regular users which is very useful and makes the travel more affordable. Recently they have started Ola share and uber pool features where you will share your ride with other members and the fares are half the rate of the original price.


Earlier, the users had to pre-book and schedule the trip but now things have changed within five minutes of booking the drivers find our location and come straight to your door-step. All this is done on a real-time basis by way of an algorithm and drivers have a feature to spend less fuel to the next customer as they are booked to the one who is nearest to them.

This is advantageous for the users also as their time is saved and in times of emergency, they can reach the destination earlier itself. Every driver has a smartphone in which all the commuter’s details are sent and the Maps also help them to reach the place without any hurdles. Ola outstation facilities are also provided where you can have the car for your whole trip it may be 24 hrs or five days.

Taxis and autos may not be available at all places so when you are in an urgency to catch a flight or to go for a funeral or for a marriage function, you will need your car at your doorstep as that is comfortable for you. That is why cabs like Ola and uber are preferred by many as you need not pray for a car to pass by your location.

Yellow and black color taxis are also affordable but they are not air-conditioned so why pay the same if you can travel in an AC car with the same fare. Yellow cab drivers work for 12 hrs and black car drivers are scheduled by dispatch. Uber and Ola’s drivers enjoy more freedom and flexibility as they have the option of logging in and out.

They also provide employment opportunities for many people as the demand are high. It is the attitude of the drivers of taxi and autos that are bad and that has become a reason for the growth of Ola and uber services.

UBER has recently started their auto service and also have uber eats option where food is served at your doorstep at a very affordable price.


Uber offer and Ola offers also provide free trips at a limited ratio by sharing the invitation codes and another offer is Rs 50 off on the next 10 trips or they provide offers on republic day and Independence Day which cuts down half the price. They also give Rs. 75 off on the next 5 micro rides like that so that people would use them and their services would also be recognized.

All there given coupon codes are guaranteed and verified so the user need not worry about their validity. 4 advantages of cabs will be its convenience, cheaper fare, payment option and selection of cars and its rendering of service.


So as stated there has been a cab revolution and the taxis are replaced by the cabs. The disadvantages of the taxis have become the features of cabs. And that is the main reason they have occupied a great position in a short period of time. There is a pricing war between the cabs itself, compare the fare in all the app cabs and then make a book so that your money is saved. When the attitude of the drivers of the taxis and auto drivers are changed they can also grow up and gain a good position.

These cabs have changed the world with the low cost and convenience parameters which is provided at your fingertips. Booking of a cab can be easily made even by kids and old aged people. As it is very easy and learnable. The old days of calling up a taxi service are gone. And can be done with just one click of selecting your destination and the mode of transport.


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