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Top 7 things you should consider when booking a hotel room

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Are you planning your vacations or a business tour and stuck with hotel room booking?  Worry not dear friend we are here to help you out with this dilemma.  Either booking in advance or at the last minute, one must make sure that room fits well after all it is going to be your second home for the next few days. Various online service providers like Oyo rooms, lets you choose from the wide range of hotels along with the Oyo Coupons and offers that further helps you book your accommodation at pocket-friendly prices.

 Following are 7 easy tips that you must consider before booking a hotel room.

1. Know your need

Know your need

Before booking a hotel room, make sure that you are aware of all your requirements. May it be as basic as water supply, parking, etc. or luxurious as swimming pool, gym, etc. if you want it, you need to check it beforehand. Other details like distance proximity from the airport, the railway station should also be taken care of. Doing this will just not help you in sorting the kind of hotel you want but will also eliminate other options, making the task easy for you.

2. Comfort is the key

comfort is key

A room may look pretty with the decorative interior but if it interferes with the comfort it is definitely useless. For example, what is the fun of having such a fancy shower that forces you to recall all the geometry and physics you studied back in the school just to turn it on? Or rolling off the bed because of the expensive satin sheet? Of course, you would not want it at any cost.

 The hotel room is where you will seek relaxation after a long tiring day; therefore it is advised to look for photos of the hotel room online so you get the idea of bed size, couch, and the total area of the room. Further, you may also sort the room according to the view you would want from your room.

3. Follow your budget 

Follow your budget

It is highly advisable to set a plan and spend accordingly. There are a number of applications such as Oyo, which allows you to look for the hotel within your budget bracket. All you have to do is open the app and set your price preference and get your work done. What is even more interesting is that you can save more with exciting Oyo coupons and offers available online. It is an easy tip that will make you experience a comfortable stay at really affordable prices

4. Hygienic is healthy

Hygienic is healthy

Apart from comfort what matters the most in a hotel room is cleanliness, basic hygiene like clean washrooms, purified drinking water assure you a healthy and comfy stay. Providing little handy packs of toothpaste, shampoo, soap is also a part of hygiene.  Also, some hotels put the additional cost for room service, so make sure you check the terms of service to avoid unpleasant surprise later.

5. Power plugs

Power plugs

In this technological era, we all carry at least half a dozen electronic gadgets with us like Smartphone, laptops, digital cameras, etc wherever we travel and obviously, each of them requires battery charging. Consequently, it becomes highly important to look for a hotel room that at least offers adequate power outlet galore so that you can work smoothly without facing the quandary of having to choose either laptop charging or lighting lamp.

6. Check reviews and ratings

Check reviews and ratings

Browse before you book.  The only way to get the exact idea of room is going through the reviews left by the previous guests. You will get the most honest insights into the hotel room through ratings. And if you are booking a hotel online through sites like Oyo rooms, etc this step becomes easier.

The main purpose of checking out reviews is to “Pick the best and leave the rest “. So if you want to be sure and safe while booking the hotel room you must check out reviews and ratings, it will take a few seconds but can save from big inconvenience later.

7. Look for offers and discount coupons

Look for offers and discount coupons

Why go for a normal room when you can get yourself into a luxurious one at the same price? So here is last but the most important tip that is to look for exciting deals online. There are a number of coupons providing sites offer you amazing deals and crazy discounts, which not only let you save a big amount but also enhance your stay experience. For instance, you can grab classic Oyo coupons here, and make yourself lucky. Our portal also offers you various other discounts and offers that can be used for hotel booking.

So keeping these simple tips in mind before booking a hotel room allows you to have a good hotel stay experience that you can cherish life-long.

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