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Festive Discounts With Flipkart Offers Today

The festive season is on! Festivals are major considering in a country like India. Festivals mean Shopping. This is a time when the entire big businessman fastens up their belts. The Huge stock is maintained, luring offers are provided and best discounts are given so that each and every customer leaves them with the hefty amount of profits.

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All online marketers are on fire during the festive season. Festivities are a major time to turn out best among the endless competitors.

Flipkart, one of the leading online shopping sites provides you with the wide range of offers on a variety of products during festival months. It organizes a complete local market sale scenario where products of top-notch brands are provided at a never before prices.


Flipkart is a perfect example of a company which started from a scrap and in a short span of time became one of the leading online shopping sites across the nation. First, a seed of an idea is sown. Then it is watered with an immense effort which later turns out in a fruitful result which each and every startup desires for!

Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal who worked for Amazon.com came up with an idea to start an e-commerce site in India. Having their root in India, they both wanted to do a business in India that makes them next business tycoons of the nation. Both of them were alumni of IIT – DELHI. The flame to do something on their own, make them leave their jobs at Amazon and both started working on their own business.


Strengthening your roots in an e-commerce industry is not an easy task. You need to take a great risk, make various experiments to dig out profit from your each and every move or else the company will be drowning easily in initial years only. Some major factors that posed a challenge to Flipkart are as follows:


In a country like India, where people believe in purchasing product physically, the company faced a great difficulty in making its roots strong in the e-commerce industry.


India is a diversified country where people of different taste and preferences reside. Coping up with the needs and choices of people posed a major challenge for the two new beginners.


Funding posed another challenge for them. Startup requires complete funding. No funds mean no business. So, at first, they started to arrange funds through Venture Capital Funding. As the company grew and started giving a tremendous performance, more funding arrived.


In India, when Flipkart started, people don’t prefer to make payment through online payment gateways. There was a higher risk of fraud; people avoided using credit/debit cards. Starting an e-commerce site means the payment received the good sold should be through some online portal.

To tackle this problem, Flipkart came up with Cash On Delivery facility. People were asked to first receive the goods physically and then pay for it on their doorstep.


For an effective sale, it is very important to deliver the product well in time. This requires a strong delivery mechanism. If goods are not provided to customer well in time, they may cancel the order.

Thus, to overcome this problem they decided to set up their own delivery mechanism. Relying on an outside agency for such an important may land them in a big problem. So didn’t take any risk and came up with their own mechanism to provide goods to the customers well in time.


Once the company was set up, they started with selling books. Soon they expanded and started offering a variety of products to consumers. From apparels to electronics, from accessories to luxuries, Flipkart today offers a wide range of products from world’s top-notch brands at many affordable prices.

In initial years the company earned a profit of 40 million Indian rupees which over the years turned into 200 million Indian rupees per year in a short span of time.


The acquisition is one of the major ways to increase the size of the company in short span of time. Taking other small companies under your company helps you to gain their profit share, customer proportion, and expertise.

Flipkart also acquired few companies like Myntra.com, LetsBuy.com, etc. to increase its market proportion and to reduce its competition.

Later Amazon entered the Indian Market with Amazon India that turned out to be a major competition for the company.

In the country like India where people fear to start something new which actually requires changing the complete technology state in the country, Flipkart took a risk and experimented in the Indian Market. Flipkart is a perfect example of those twinkling startups where if a person holds a dream and is a doer, success is not far off for sure.

The two Bansals from Chandigarh actually revolutionized the complete e-commerce industry in India.


Flipkart possesses a long experience than any other e-commerce site in India. They are in India for the much longer time as compared to any other competing company which provides Flipkart an upper hand in the Indian Online Market.

Some of the excellent features that differentiate it from other competing companies are mentioned below:

  • BETTER CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDING: Flipkart is in Indian Market for a long period and has better customer understanding.
  • BRAND RECOGNITION AND TRUST: Brands available on Flipkart are well recognized. When it comes to trustability, Flipkart has earned customer loyalty over years.
  • SYSTEMATIC WORKING: Flipkart is known for its best functioning ability and strengthened delivery channels that make it shine out various other competitors in e-commerce line.
  • USER-FRIENDLY MOBILE APP: Through its mobile app, it is connecting with people at a faster pace. People can now place their order by just a single click from any place in no time.
  • WISH LIST OPTION: If you don’t have money to purchase the product right now, you can simply add it to your wish list. Whenever you have money, you can simply order the products out of your wish list.


In order to survive in the competitive market, it is very important to regularly provide big discounts and offers to the customers to attain customer loyalty. Customer delight should be the utmost concern of any e-commerce site.

Festivals are an opportunity for any businessman to boost his sale. Flipkart blends itself with festivals of India to accelerate its sales.

Some of the well-known sales are:

  • BIG BILLION DAYS: Under this, the products of top-notch brands are provided at a never before prices.
  • FLIPKART BIG FREEDOM SALE: Independence Day is also turned as an opportunity by the company to accelerate its sale. Products are provided at a lower cost. The sale continues for 2-3 days.
  • SHUBH NAVRATRI OFFERS: Navratri is a festival where women buy new clothes and products for children. Huge discounts are provided on women apparels and many more products.
  • FLIPKART DIWALI SALE: Diwali means a time when maximum purchases are made by the people. Flipkart comes out with its largest sale in Diwali where electrical appliances, clothes of top trending brands are provided at unbelievable prices.
  • END OF SEASON SALES: In order to clear the stock at end of winters or summers, Flipkart conducts end of season or clearance sales. Products, apparels, accessories are provided at a heavy percentage based discount like 50-60-70% off or various offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, etc.
  • WEEKLY DISCOUNT OFFERS: Regular weekly discount offers are given to boost up the sale in non-festive seasons.
  • SIX DAY SUPER SAVERS: time to time Flipkart comes out with super saving weeks to provide customers with best deals.
  • FLIPKART MEGA SALE: Flipkart comes out with Mega Sales time to time where people around the world turn their computers on to purchase at never before prices. These generally last for few selective hours.
  • FLIPKART FASHION SALE: fashion is what young generation demand for. As youngster hold the major customer proportion for any e-commerce site, it is very important to satiate their demand.

Best deals on latest trending fashionable apparels and accessories are provided.


  • BUY 1 GET 1 FREE


Flipkart ensures that with every sale they make, they build a strong customer-seller relationship. Customers get so fascinated with the wide range of discount and offer that they use Flipkart again and again!

There remarkable customer support service mechanism is a major reason why every second a new customer is connecting with Flipkart!

So grab Flipkart latest festive discounts during this Diwali and light our houses with happiness and joy!

Get Exciting offers in Flipkart Upcoming Diwali Sale

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