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Best Deals With Paytm Recharge Coupons

10-15 years back, people were afraid to use credit/debit cards due to high-level online frauds. They believed that physical transaction is much safer. They were not ready to shift to new upcoming advancement in the society.

During that time, Paytm entered the online transaction industry. It brought a complete revolution in the online sector. A major focus was on the young generation who is ready to try new upgraded technologies. Slowly, Paytm made that position in online payment sector that is nearly impossible to beat!

1. About Paytm

Paytm is India’s largest mobile payment and commerce platform. It is an Indian Electronic and e-commerce brand having its head offices in Delhi NCR, India. The company came into existence in August 2010 when much other e-commerce and net banking companies were striving hard to strengthen their position in the online sector. It is a consumer brand of parent company One 97 communications.
Very few know, the name Paytm is the acronym of ‘Payment Through Mobile’. It also operates Paytm payment gateway and Paytm wallet.
The company emerged out when people were looking for a secure medium to make payment through their mobile to the e-commerce merchants. This provides the company greater opportunity to grow in a small span of time.

2. History

PAYTM founder ‘Vijay Shekhar Sharma’ is a perfect example of the person who never gives up, no matter whatever comes to his way. His journey is a perfect example of ‘rags to riches’. Started up with Rs. 10 in his pocket and today he owns a company having the market value of over $3 billion. His dedication and commitment is the major reason for the success of the company today.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma
On Vijay’s visit to China, he was totally amazed when he saw vendors giving grocery and accepting payment from the customers through mobile. This clicked an amazing idea to launch a payment wallet in India.

In 2010, the company launched mobile recharge website. Later in 2013, after getting inspired by China, the company launched Paytm wallet to provide a better experience to the Paytm users. Since then, the company never looked back. The company is showing a tremendous growth in market share over years. Later the company even brought out a complete marketplace so that consumer can directly order delicacies while sitting at their home.

3. Demonetization Revolution

Though there are many other payment wallets on the market, still Paytm is able to maintain major market proportion. The major reason behind this is that among the other competitors, it is the oldest and most experienced company.
Paytm dominates the complete online payment sector with its high-security features and quick user interface which makes it stand out in a highly competitive market.
Paytm is a RESERVED BANK OF INDIA (RBI) approved wallet which signifies that the money credited to this account is hundred percent secured under Escrow account with the most reputed bank in the country.
During demonetization drive, Paytm took the advantage of the opportunity and turned it into its profit. Paytm became the official account for making payment by various small vendors across the country. After demonetization, the company is able to achieve 75 million new unique users per month that helped the company to multiply its profit overnight.

4. Arrangement of Funds

For a newly emerging company, the major challenge is to arrange funds for its working. Without funds, no company can survive for a longer tenure in the market.
Paytm arrange its funds from multiple sources to ensure proper functioning of the company. Rather these sources comprise the major proportion of the revenue for the company.

  • Interest from an Escrow account maintained in a nationalized bank which fetches about 4-6% interest annually for the company.
  • Commission on utility payment and recharges
  • Commission of around 1% from every transfer made by merchant e-wallets to their bank account.
  • Advertisements they allow on their official website.
  • Its major investors include Alibaba Group, Alipay, Silicon Valley Bank and Sapphire venture.
  • The company received a huge investment from industrialist Ratan Tata.

5. Work Culture

The major hand in the success of Paytm is of its employees. Paytm comprises of its very dedicated employees who give their best to bring out the company at such a height. They work with utmost dedication and transparency that helps to attain a higher success rate. Each and every employee is filled with an outstanding enthusiasm and out of the world created to do something different.

Paytm provides the best working environment for its employees. Pay and packages under Paytm are quite good. Paytm is a growing platform, thereby, as an employee, it provides you with the endless opportunity of self-development and to bring your creativity out.

6. Explicit Features

Winning the hearts of endless merchants and customers, Paytm is able to strengthen its roots in India. Its mind blowing offers is the prime reason why it is becoming the choice of endless customers.
The company is continuously working on providing better user – experience. Various top-notch features being offered by the company are:

  • High-end security: Paytm wallet is not only secured with Paytm ID and Password but also an OTP is delivered to your registered no. without which you can’t access your account.
  • Money transfer from Paytm to any bank account at 0% fee.
  • No additional charges for making payment from Paytm Wallet to other Paytm Wallet.
  • Fingerprints can be set as Paytm password so as to ensure cent percent security
    Self-declared merchants can accept Rs.50000 direct in the account.
  • Enhanced feedback mechanism through Community Feedback Forums.
  • Adding money faster through a single – screen.
  • Pay by scanning the Paytm QR Code of the recipient from their phone’s gallery.
  • App Lock password can be kept to provide second – level security to your Paytm wallets installed on a mobile phone to give it a hundred percent protection.
  • When an amount is transferred from one user to another, on every payment the user receives 10 paisa cash back in their Paytm wallet.
  • Strong customer support system is the other major reason for the tremendous growth of the newly emerging company.

7. Utility of Paytm

Paytm, initially started as a mobile recharge website, today is covering almost all online products and services. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • MOBILE RECHARGES: Mobile recharge is what Paytm initially started with. You can make recharge using Paytm website or mobile app. It has a tie-up with various telecom companies. Thereby, big savings can be made on each recharges.
  • PAYMENT OF ELECTRICITY AND WATER BILLS: Paytm has a direct tie-up with BSES. Thereby, using Paytm, you can make payment by just one click. No more need to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills.
    PAYTM MALL: Paytm is coming with a newer concept known as Paytm Mall where it has a tie-up with local merchants who can sell their goods using the Paytm app.
  • BOOKING MOVIE TICKETS: Paytm also has a tie-up with various cinema complexes. Also, it provides cash back on each and every ticket you book through Paytm.
  • PAYMENT TO OTHER E-COMMERCE SITES: Paytm helps in making payment to another e-commerce website like,,, etc.
  • DTH RECHARGES: Paytm also helps in making DTH recharges like Tata Sky, Videocon, etc. No longer have it is required go to dealers for making your payment.

8. Paytm Recharge Coupons

Various coupons and discounts have been offered by Paytm help you to crack best deals and ensures that you save a hefty amount on every transaction you make.

Paytm comes regularly out with various recharge coupons that help you to save a good amount on every recharge. Various different kinds of offers provided by Paytm on recharge are:

  • Cashback on mobile recharges
  • Extra Talktime on recharge you make
  • Free minutes are also provided
  • Extra data on net packs, etc.

9. Various Best Recharge Deals

In this competitive market, you can survive only when you keep your customer happy! Thereby, Paytm regularly come with various offers and deals that best suits you.

  • Flat Rs. 130 Super Cash On Jio Recharge Of Rs. 300 And More
  • 15 Cash Back On Jio Recharge
  • Up to Rs. 10 Cashback On Recharge And Bill Payments
  • Flat Rs. 50 Cash Back On Recharge And Bill Payments Of Rs. 100 (New Users)
  • Get 3% Cash Back On Mobile Bill Payments
  • Flat Rs. 50 Cash Back On Electricity Bill Payment

Flat Rs. 15 Cashback On First Mobile Postpaid Bill Payment of Rs. 300 or more.


The success chart of Paytm is ever rising. The major reason is better customer response. Bringing new deals and offers to customers helps the company to attain customer delight and loyalty. This is resulting in continuous growing revenue for the company.

Mobile Recharge Deals & Discount Coupons From Paytm Store

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