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Fashion Brands that you should opt in 2019 to get updated with the latest trend

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Fashion shows its diversity with the changing era. Every year you see new designs and styles coming with fashion brands. Here are some famous and most liked fashion brands that are most liked in 2019 and hopefully stay with 2020 also.

Some fashion brands are likely to change their products with changing trends. They provide you will the clothes, accessories, footwear and other fashion items are of the latest trend. So you should look at these fashion brands in India if you are wondering about the latest fashion wear.

So here you go with the top 12 fashion brands that you must opt and keep follow to get updated with the latest fashion.

  1. Levi’s

levi's fashion brand

Levis is a must-have brand for your wardrobe. It offers jeans, shirts, polos, jackets, dresses, capris and more things for men, women, and kids. Moreover, you can have Levis shoes, sandals, belts, wallets, caps and other fashion items. The brand offers you with the modern western style clothes with an Indian touch. It is a famous brand for jeans all around the world. This brand makes you look more fashionable, trendy and stunning.

  1. Lee

lee fashion brand

Lee is a popular brand from 1889 to offering authentic wear. It is a well-known brand among youth for its highly fashionable jeans and perfect fit clothes. They provide clothes with the best quality. It brings the style that every youth wants. The products they offer include denim, sweatshirts, jackets, shirts, non-denims, trousers and more. They also have a range of fashion accessories such as bags, wallet, belts, clutches and more.

  1. H & M

fashion brands h&m

H & M is one of the fashion brands in India that offers the best price clothing for men, women, kids, and teenagers. They have highly-fashionable clothes along with the best quality. H & M offers everything that is in fashion trend. They have an exclusive range of outfits that are designed by experts with collaborations. You can create your personal style by choosing from a wide range of stylish clothes.

  1. Crate fashion brand

crate fashion brand

The Crate is an international fashion brand that offers the latest street style wearing. They design their clothes and accessories according to society, pop culture and get inspired by music. You can get the urban style of cultural clothes from this fashion brand. The range of products they offer includes men clothing, women’s clothing, accessories, headwear, staples and much more.

  1. Allen Solly

allen solly offers

Allen Solly is a brand that lets you stylish casual wear. To get out of black and white, they offer formal wear with vibrant styles to enhance your personality. The brand is loved equally among men, women, and kids. They make you love formal as you like casuals. Moreover, the casual wear they offer gives outstanding look.

  1. Pepe Jeans

pepe jeans fashion

Pepe Jeans London is a brand started in 1973 and is now popularly known for its stylish denim wear. The brand with origin in Dublin and now it is famous all around the world. Its product gives you an iconic look. They have got everything in denim you would want. Whether you like skin fit, loose wear, or cuts in jeans, they got every kind of products. So make you look unique and more confident with the Pepe Jeans.

  1. Nike

nike fashion brand

Nike is a well-known brand famous globally around the world. They offer every kind of sportswear. They believe to invent the most comfortable wear. Nike is the first choice of every athlete in case of choosing their sportswear. Their goal is to make all the athletes’ look and feel better. They offer the best quality of clothing, shoes, hand bands and more.

  1. Woodland

woodland shoes

Woodland is a famous company started in the early ‘50s and come to India in 1992. They offer a wide range of shoes, apparel for summers and winters, belts, wallet and more products. In the beginning, it has just one store in India but now you can found more than 600 stores across the country. Their products make you feel comfortable in any outdoor activity and adventures sports. The products of Woodland are eco-friendly and produced with the best technology.

  1. Spyker fashion brands

spyker fashion brands

Spyker is a Jeanswear brand that provides trendy jeans for youth according to the changing of global fashion. The brand was established in 1992 and has been known for defining fashion rules. It offers the clothing of international as well as Indian touch styles. The brand has a large number of stores around the world and also has an e-commerce portal to let you shop online while sitting in your house.

  1. Louis Philippe

fashion brands

It is a brand inspired by the king of French, Louis Philippe. The brand is famous for men’s apparel and was established in 1989 and become famous in India in 2013. The brand is owned by Mathura fashion & lifestyle under Aditya Birla Group. They work on innovation to make you look smart by the exclusive fashion wear for men.  Not just apparel, they provide a range of footwear and accessories too.

  1. Titan

titan watches

You must have heard the brand name ‘Titan’. Titan is a world’s famous brand and is known for high-class watches. But the brand not just offer the watches, instead, they provide classy jewelry, eyewear, and wallets too. They have got the best quality and stylish products. You can buy a range of products offered by Titan at a large number of physical stores around the world as well as its online store. If you buy its products on an online portal, you can get heavy discounts using Titan offers available on watches, jewelry, wallets, eyewear, and other accessories.

  1. Wrangler

fashion brands

Wrangler is a brand known for its stylish denim jeans. But along with that, it also offers an amazing collection of jackets, tops, shirts, shorts, skirt and other casual wear. They work to create the best outfits for the very beginning. This fashion brand has remarked for the great functionality in creating the everyday wear to look stylish in comfort zone.

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