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Are you planning to gift a honeymoon trip to your cousin and his newlywed wife? What you require is a deal that is safe and at the same time worth your pocket.

Are you planning out for a trip with your friends? Not necessary it is that all the friends are good earners and hence it is important to get a deal that can be affordable by all.

Whether it is a personal holiday trip or a trip for an official need, checking in a hotel is the most important thing when you enter an unknown city. Of course, if you have a relative staying in that particular city, you do not have to think much about your accommodation. But what if your job is for traveling to different cities every month? Of course, you cannot search for relatives in every city.

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Will you try checking out different hotels the day you have reached the city? Or will you spend 2-3 days, leaving all other assignments, in searching for the best hotel at the deal?

If you wish to stay away from all such troubles, you have one simple solution in hands. Just install the application of Fab Hotels on your smartphone and all your hotel related problems are sorted out. Not just amazing and comfortable accommodation, with Fabhotels coupons, you can find an affordable stay in over 20 cities at present in India.

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How Fabhotels Started?

Whenever you travel some other city away from your home city, accommodation is the most important thing that is required. You may spend the whole day roaming around the city. But you need a place at night to rest and get shelter.

In an unknown city, it becomes quite difficult to search for a hotel that is reliable and at the same time within your budget.

The founders of Fabhotels are very well aware of the fact and hence they started this initiative to provide a convenient accommodation and hospitality to travelers. Fab hotel is a chain of budget hotels that are now functional at over more than 20 cities in India and is slowly expanding to more other cities. At present, they have more than 250 hotels across the country, ready to serve the guests arriving for different purposes.

Fab hotel is ready to match up with the star rated hotel chains in India so that you can accommodate within budget at a good place, no matter whatever city you visit. The team consists of well trained and highly professional experts from all the departments so that you can have comfortable stay throughout your tenure.

Fab hotel – The Android Application

Fabhotel App
To make your hotel search and accommodation even easier, Fabhotels are available in the form of application for your smartphone. Some of the eminent cities, where you can use the application are Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Chennai and many others.

When you book your hotel rooms from this application, you are guaranteed to get the best hotel rooms at the cheapest price. Use various Fabhotels Coupons also on your booking in order to get even cheaper prices for your hotel rooms.

The application of Fabhotels can help you in your hotel booking with its various features such as below mentioned:

  1. Easy Booking: Browse through the hotels in a city or near your location with the help of Google map and the immediately book your room without any difficulty.
  2. Updated Information: It is not only easy to search hotels at a place, but also the app will help you in knowing various other details such as amenities available in the hotel, nearest landmarks to the hotel and also the reviews provided by the customers.
  3. Best Deals Offered: The official site and the official application of Fabhotels come with the best deals and offers. The Fabhotels coupons reduce the prices to a good deal so that you can have a luxurious stay at a pocket-friendly cost.
  4. Easy To Cancel: Suddenly your trip has been canceled? Easily cancel the hotel rooms that you have booked through the application.
  5. Last Minute Reservation: You did not get time to book your hotel room on an advanced date. Do not worry. You can book your room instantly on the day when you have reached the city.
  6. Pay At The Hotel: You are not comfortable making online payment while booking your rooms? Simply reach your hotel and then make the payment at the hotel with the payment mode that you are comfortable in.

Not only the application is convenient for use, also the hotels are located at such locations of the cities that they can easily get connected with the major transport systems.

What Deals Do You Get At Fabhotels?

Fabhotels are already a chain of budget hotels available. On top of this, they often provide offers and deals from time to time to make the stay even more convenient one. You can have a highly affordable accommodation with:

  • Amazing discounts provided on the hotel tariff from time to time,
  • Cashback offers on the hotel bookings done,
  • Deals gained using Fabhotels coupons.

You can avail various deals and offers under various categories.

City Deals

Do you have to travel to a particular city quite often for business or some other work? This is the right option for you. Fabhotels offer city deals as per which you can get a good percentage of discount on your hotel booking. Just you have to use the coupon code of the particular city and you will be eligible to gain a good discount.

Bank Offers

If you prefer to pay by your debit card credit card or internet banking, you can avail a good number of deals for your accommodation at different destinations. You can get a good percentage discount on the tariff by using the various Fabhotels Coupons of the particular bank through which you wish to pay.

Theme Deals

Apart from the city deals and bank offers, Fabhotels also provide another category of offers that is better known by theme deals. If you are on a business trip, you can use the coupon code for business to get a good discount and the same is for other themes too such as leisure or newly launched hotels.

Partner Vouchers

Fabhotels is partners to a huge number of services providers such as Paytm, Swiggy, Jabong, Grofers and many others.  Apart from getting discounts on your room tariff, you can also get offers on a number of these partners such as discounts on flight booking through Paytm or discount on food from Swiggy and others.

Fabhotels are not only there with a list of affordable hotels an over the country, but also many other facilities. They are highly secured by GeoTrust and they accept payment through various means such as VISA, MasterCard, Paytm and PayPal.

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