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Top (Direct To Home) DTH Service Providers In India – Plans and Features


India is one of the renowned DTH service providers on earth. So, here the DTH requirement is very high due to the high population and an ample number of users. Users can also get DTH recharge coupons to start off their DTH service.

DTH service providers india

India has multifarious options when it comes to choosing the top DTH service providers!

Why DTH Service Not Cable?

A DTH service in India provides various benefits over TV Cable includes:

1. Better Signal Quality

Direct-to-home service providers use the latest transmission technologies which result in more clearer and vivid signals or reception. Movies and television shows can be watched with very high color definitions and lighting.

2. Greater Service Coverage

DTH cable services can be put up anywhere regardless of where one’s home is.

3. More Channels

DTH service providers provide more channel options than standard cable systems. Most channels cater to different groups of people.

4. Multiple Language Options

You can change your channel language in audio settings offered by DTH tv providers. For instance, the subscriber can choose English and Hindi language when viewing a particular channel.

How To Decide To Choose From DTH Service Providers??

Choose best DTH service

1. Check Out the Channels Offer By DTH Service Providers

First of all, you need to determine all the channels that are being provided by different DTH service providers. So make sure you find that one which provides more channels for package price according to your preferences.

2. Check The Package Plans Offered By The DTH Service Providers

Another thing you need to check is seeing and studies all the plans properly according to your needs and preferences. Then compare the prices and plans of different DTH companies to decide the best package for you and your family. 

3. Check The Process Of Installation

You must choose a DTH company that has an easy and convenient installation process. Moreover, you need to know if the company is asking for an extra cost of installation then better to go for one which doesn’t charge extra cost for the installation process.

4. Service Ease and Costs Must Be Checked

While comparing DTH service providers, you need to check the service costs and the ease with each service after the process of installation. The service request must be easy and the customer support should be user friendly.

5. DTH Portability Option

In case you wish to switch your operator in the future, make sure whether the current DTH service provider provides the portability option on the same set-top box or not. Ask all questions related to portability beforehand.

Now, you won’t face any problem with the same. Hence, it is good to do proper research instead of jumping with the first provider you find.

So these are the Key Points by which you can go for your best DTH service provider India.

Top DTH Service Providers In India Are:

➤ TATA Sky

➤ Sun Direct DTH

➤ Dish TV

➤ Airtel DTH

➤ Videocon DTH

1. TATA Sky

➢ Tata Sky is one of the best DTH service providers in India.

➢ Tata Sky was launched in 2006 and it was the second one in the DTH market in India.

Tata Sky dth Service

➢ It offers HD channels so it is known as a leader in the market for implementing the latest technology and launching relevant products to make the customers happy with the latest.

➢ Its channels offer content ranging from educational content for children to cooking classes, dance classes for teens and many more.

TATA Sky DTH Plans and Packs 

Hindi Bachat1 month179
Hindi smart1 month249
Hindi life1 month 295
Hindi basic1 month334
family kids1 month 366
family sports1 month456
family kids sports1 month465
premium sports English1 month517
Hindi news1 month 5
music HD1 month11

TATA Sky Free Helpline Number

Customer Care Number – 1800 208 6633

2. Sun Direct DTH

➢ Sun Direct is the only regional DTH provider in the market and focuses more on South India.

sun direct DTH Service Providers

➢ It is a Chennai based DTH Company that was launched in 2007.

➢ It provides English and Hindi channels but the main focus is on the South Indian channels.

➢ It is a market leader in the region but still has a smaller presence in the rest of the country.

Sun Direct DTH Plans and Packs 

NCF 11 month130
tamil DPO pack 11 month168.64
tamil dpo pack 21 month194.91
Tamil dpo pack 31 month278.81
south dpo pack 41 month419.49
HD ROI dpo pack 11 month322.03
HD ROI dpo pack 21 month422.03
HD Tamil DPO pack 11 month249.15
HD Telugu DPO pack 11 month272.88
HD Kannada DPO pack 11 month263.55

Sun Direct Free Helpline Number

Sun Direct Customer Care Number – 1800 123 7575

3. Dish TV

➢ Dish TV is very popular and was launched by Zee TV all over the nation.

Dish TV Service

➢ It is one of the oldest DTH providers in India and still maintains its standing as a leading player.

➢ It provides cheap channel packages so this made it a favorite amongst the lower-income and middle-income households all over the country.

Dish TV DTH Plans and Packs

Bharat Pack (North)1 month85
Punjabi Tadka (North)1 month85
Punjabi Tadka (North)1 month177
Swagat HD (North)1 month194
Super Family (North)1 month253
Super Family HD (North)1 month270
Maxi Sports (North)1 month297
Maxi Kids (North)1 month297
Maxi Kids HD (North)1 month314
Maxi Sports HD (North)1 month314
Super Sports (North)1 month338
Super Sports HD (North)1 month335
World Pack (North)1 month390
World Pack HD (North)1 month407
Titanium (North)1 month483
Joy Pack (South)1 month85
Jumbo Family (South)1 month199
Family Sports (South)1 month225
All Sports (South)1 month250
World Pack (South)1 month335
Platinum Sports (South)1 month424
New South Titanium (South)1 month483

Dish TV Free Helpline Number

Dish TV Customer Care Number – 1800 258 3474

4. Airtel DTH

➢ Airtel is one of the renowned DTH service providers in India was launched by Bharti Airtel in 2008

➢ It offers nearly 400 channels including several HD or High Definition channels and became the best DTH service provider in India.

 Airtel DTH

➢ It covers a variety of channels like entertainment, movies, lifestyle, education, sports, etc.

➢ In addition, Airtel allows getting multiple connections through one dish.

➢ It also launched its Android TV-based set-top box at a very reasonable price.

➢ This set-top box provides the best 500 satellite channels, online content, internet and more.

Airtel Digital TV DTH Packs and Plans

My Plan 991 month99
North FTA Pack1 month153
TN Superstar Dhamaka SD1 month158
KAR Regional SD1 month172
AP Regional SD1 month175
My Plan 1991 month199
ORI Regional SD1 month200
TN Superstar Dhamaka HD1 month203
MAH Regional1 month206
WB Regional1 month220

Airtel TV Helpline Number Free

Airtel TV Customer Care Number –  1800-103-6065

5. Videocon DTH

➢ Videocon d2h offers a sheer variety of channels.

➢ You can enjoy SD and HD channels with high quality clear, vivid pictures and also clear sound.

D2H DTH service

➢ This offers you subscription packages that focus on a category of channels with affordable packages that can cater to the entire family.

➢ The company provides 650 channels and services available all over the country.

Videocon D2h New DTH Plans and Packs

Sony Happy English HD 20 – 3 Channels & Services1 month23.6
Sony HAPPY INDIA PLATINUM 691 month81.42
Sony HAPPY INDIA PLATINUM 69 (A)1 month81.42
Sony HAPPY INDIA SPORTS + ENGLISH 471 month55.46
Colors wala HINDI FAMILY Pack1 month41.3
Diamond Kids Combo1 month374.06
Diamond Sports Combo1 month441.32
Diamond Sports HD Combo1 month579.38

Videocon D2H Helpline Number Free

D2h TV Customer Care Number – 1800 212 212 


How to upgrade from SD DTH package to HD?

Upgrading to HD DTH package is very easy process. All you need to do is to call your DTH service provider on the toll-free number. However, you only need to pay upgradation fee which is the cost of the HD Set-top Box.

How Can I connect my DTH set-top box to the desktop?

If your DTH operator provides you the set-top box that has an HDMI port, then you can easily connect it to your computer.

Can I watch recorded programs of DTH on my laptop or PC?

Yes, if you’re set-top box provides external recording feature only then it copies data to an external USB drive.

Does HD Set-top box recording feature will work with my normal TV?

No. HD recorder would not work with your normal TV because HD channels are broadcasted at 1080i resolution and the standard TV resolution is 480i. so it would not be possible.

Does HD up-gradation charges contains channels package?

No. if you want to upgrade your DTH connection to HD, you only need to pay for the set-top box cost. For getting the HD channels, you have to pay extra charges.

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