These Diy Mobile Phone Hacks Will Blow Your Mind


The world is becoming digital as Smartphones and Tablets have taken their dominant place in our day to day life. We almost have at least one or the other device. It serves as a social hub, chatter device and media center. To protect them we buy a scratch card or Temper and cover it with a back case but apart from this the mobile phone can be adorned with some home-made hacks. Now let us see some easy and DIY hacks that will blow our mind.

List of Diy Hacks


Studies show that phones, when not cleaned, have the potential of diseases like fecal matter and microbes. So when we use it, it gets transferred to us. To clean mobiles, never use Antibacterial wipes and disinfectants as it damages the phone. Here is a solution that is safe and easy to be made,


  • Bottled water
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • 1 mini spray bottle
  • 1 microfiber or lint-free cloth


Take a spray bottle and fill the half bottle with bottled or distilled water, fill the other half with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Screw the cap and shake it well so that water and alcohol get mixed together. Spray the solution in a lint-free cloth and rub it in your phone. Do this once a week and it gets dried up soon and gives us a shiny look.


Don’t worry if you cannot afford a costly speaker, here is an easy homemade speaker that is tested and gives a surprising result.


  • Two plastic cups
  • Old toilet roll
  • Cutter
  • Decorative items like paint, buttons and brush


The speaker consists of two cups and in between them the toilet roll would be placed and in the roll, the phone would be placed. To make this happen you should first make a mark of the roll in the two cups and cut them out. Then make a mark your device on the roll so that it gets fit to it and cut that part. Decorate your cups and rolls to make it attractive. Now play a song and check the difference.


Why buy a phone stand when you can make it at home. Follow this procedure to get a creative cork stand


  • 2 large binder clips
  • 1 medium binder clip
  • Scissors


If you want to make it attractive use Washi tape or acrylics to your binders. Take two large binders and make them face opposite to each other. You will have two bracers in a binder, intertwine one from the binder and one from the other and lay them flat on the table, intertwine the other two bracers and lift them to the top. Now take the other binder which is small and then pull it so that it gets open. The next step is to place them on the intertwined one’s top, intertwine the one in the top by taking the inside brace and then lower the other bracer on the outside so that it makes a look of bracer sandwich.

Now you have two spots for your phone, place it in portrait or landscape mode and enjoy watching it


When working out or walking or running we could not comfortably do them when we carry our mobile phones. To get rid of it, take a tall sock and cut the foot part of it. Turn the sock inside out and Place it as an armband and fold it in half so that the inside pattern will be visible. Slide your phone into it and for extra security fold the excess fabric in the top of your phone.


Protect your charger with an old pen spring by putting the spring around the charger’s chord near the head as it helps in non-tearing and damaging. The second layer of protection can be made by a shrink wrap or by an electric tape to personalize them and protect them.

Place some magnets, binder clips on your desk so that the chords get stuck to it. You can also use nail polish, gems, custom vinyl stickers on your charger so that it is easily differentiable and would not confuse or get mixed with other chargers.


Take an old plastic card and cut the left and right sides in between and then wrap your earphones so that it won’t get tangled again. Customize your earphones colorfully to make it attractive and unique.


Always use some soft surface as a cushion for your phone and it helps in preventing scratching of your phone when kept in a table. Use toothpaste when a scratch has been made for its removal.


If you cannot find a place to set your phone while charging, use a shampoo bottle and cut it so that it hangs to it. Place your phone inside them while charging. Use a rubber band in the AC vent of your car so that you can use your mobile phones while driving to see the Maps for directions.


In case your phone gets dropped in water, don’t worry put them in uncooked rice or silica beads for a day and this helps in the removal of water as they will suck out the moisture.


While travelling it’s hard for us to get comfortable, as the vehicle is in motion and you cannot place your device in the small table provided to us as the angle is poor, now have this Velcro chair mount to make the travel easy. For this you will need 1 meter of Velcro both sides, scissors, a tablet.

You should make the first part which is the base and it connects the seat mouth which will be in your front and for the base making process you will need to cut a 20cm hooks and loops piece and we should glue these two pieces. After this process cut two pieces of 30 cm hook strip and then attach this tip to the sides of the base which when completed looks like a PI shaped one.

Now you need to place a loops strip on your tablet so you can attach it to the mount.

  1. It is to be noted that the strip should be installed horizontally. the strip should be wide enough to match the vertical strips of the mount itself. Use 20cm or more use two (or more) strips for better stability
  2. Carefully remove the headrest cover of the seat in front of you
  3. Attach the tablet mount to the Velcro on the top of the seat. The hooks side of the mount base should point up. The two vertical strips should be pointing you.Place the headrest cover so the other passenger won’t suspect anything
  4. Attach the tablet to the vertical strips. Move up/down to adjust the height


The above said DIY hacks are mind blowing and everybody must make a try of it. Some other DIY hacks include game controller mount, IKEA lamp stand, bottle top stand, heat shrink cable protector and pocket leggings for a phone. Do it yourself DIY helps to improve our creative skills at home. Easy to be made and simple procedures that can be made even by kids.


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