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Desk Chair Cushion – Why You Need It And Types Of Cushions

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It has long been no secret to anyone that sitting for a long time is harmful. If you have to spend a lot of time sitting at work or at home, you should definitely watch out for periodic movement – get up often to stretch your legs. It would be even better if you work on a height-adjustable desk to stay as dynamic as possible and work standing up from time to time. However, as long seating cannot be completely avoided, it is recommended that you purchase an ergonomic lumbar and seating cushion. The investment in such desk chair cushion is definitely worth it.

Below we describe how an ergonomic seat cushion can help you improve your posture and how to use it correctly.

Even if you always pay attention to correct posture while sitting, in the long term you may have back problems because sitting puts more stress on your spine and back muscles than standing, lying or walking. Back pressure is aggravated by improper sitting.

Perhaps you are familiar with the following situation: after a while working, you fall through and sit bent over. As soon as you notice this, you quickly straighten up and possibly arch your back. These extremes are very bad for the back.

Desk Chair Cushion

Thanks to the desk chair cushion, most of the above posture errors are corrected automatically and also reduces the risk of certain diseases such as hemorrhoids.

  • The shape of the seat cushion naturally aligns the spine.
  • Elastic memory foam relieves stress on the spine, better distributing weight and thereby reducing pressure. Lower back pain is relieved and new pains are prevented.
  • Ergonomic sitting cushion is especially useful for problems in the coccyx;

Seat Cushions Generally Come In 3 Types

 1. Anatomically Shaped Seat Cushion

Moderately firm, anatomically shaped pillow, due to the protrusions at the coccyx and lowering at the hips, maximizes sitting comfort. This pillow can be used both on office chairs and in the car for long trips. The pillow is ideal for any kind of office and car seats. A small pin-shaped hole reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and prevents fogging of the fifth point.

2. U- Shaped Seat Cushion

This cushion is flatter, thus allows for more frequent changes in the position of a person and is intended for really long sitting.

Due to the unique U shape – the depression in the back of the pillow reduces the load just at the coccyx, where pressure often occurs when you sit down.

3. Pillow Ring With Hole

Such a pillow is also often called a Bagel or Donut pillow and literally saves pillow users with small “problems” with coccyx or hemorrhoids. The special round shape of the cushion with an additional cutout for the tailbone correctly distributes the weight of a person when sitting from critical parts of the body to lobed ones, such as the hips. Pillow with a hole is designed to relieve the sacrum, coccyx and pelvic ring; it is also suitable for mothers in the postpartum period.

This seat cushion from Everlasting Comfort is especially effective if you use it not only at work, but wherever you sit. If possible, use it at home or in the kitchen, or even on upholstered furniture in the hall. The use of a cushion on the car seat is also recommended.

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