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Merry Xmas: Top 20 Cute Christmas Gifts Under 499

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Christmas is the last festival of the year celebrated on 25th December in the joy of Jesus Christ Birth where people share gifts and wishes with their special ones. Xmas is the time when people meet and greet their beloved ones with warm wishes and exciting gifts. This festival is very popular in the Christian tradition where people sing the famous Christmas carols and the most popular jingle bell song and exchange gifts with each other by saying Merry Xmas. No matter where you live, the tradition of Christmas blossoms with fun and joy and carries along with its faith. Christmas is not only celebrated by Christians but also celebrated by people of many other religions too. Every year people think what do they want for Christmas? In this blog, I am going to share cute Christmas gifts for everyone.

Merry Christmas

Everyone decorates their houses and Christmas trees are placed and decorated with many other gift items. Nowadays, boho Christmas decore and modern Christmas decore have grabbed all the attention. I have some amazing Christmas wall decor ideas. As you know Christmas is coming and you must be thinking about what to gifts to your beloved ones? Don’t worry here I am sharing some Xmas Gift Ideas for this holiday season, surprise them with unique gifts beautiful presents they would not find anywhere.

Merry Christmas

Top 20 Cute Christmas Gifts List


Every celebration is incomplete without a cake. You can also say the cake is the most important thing for every occasion. People all over the world celebrate this occasion with cakes. Order Christmas cakes online and share them with your family and friends this Christmas evening night. So spread love and buy these cute Christmas gifts today.

Christmas Cake


Everyone loves flowers and every occasion is incomplete without the presence of the flowers. Christmas is the time when you spread happiness everywhere. So why don’t you gift someone you love the most with beautiful flowers this Christmas? Buy flower bouquets online and make your beloved ones happier with exotic flowers. Is it not a cute Christmas gift for everyone?

Cute Christmas Gifts

Dry Fruits, Candles or Tea Lights

A platter of dry fruits and candles or tea lights is a perfect combo for a Christmas gift. Gift this combo to your special ones and bring huge smiles to their faces. You can also use this combo on get-together sessions by bringing a decorative tray filled with mixed fruits and keeping a glowing candle or tea light in a holder just at the center and it gives a good impression in front of your guests. So buy these thoughtful Candle wax melts gifts as your Christmas gifts today.

Christmas Gift Combos

Cute Christmas Gifts For Your Grand Parents

This Christmas, gift something interesting and thoughtful that represents the spirit of Christmas. What better gift for your grandparents than a plant that will brighten up their life and home. It’s a very useful gift, long-lasting and your grandparents will definitely love this. So here I am sharing the top 5 Plants that you can gift to everyone.

Christmas Gifts For Parents

Money Plant

Money Plants are one of the most common houseplants that everyone loves a lot. When you gift someone this type of plant it means you really care about them a lot. Money Plants symbolize good luck, prosperity, and fortune and it is the best Christmas gifts. With proper care, the money plant can grow properly and stay for the last time. You can also check Chinese money plant whose leaves look like pancakes.

Money Plant

Christmas Cactus

This beautiful Christmas cactus blooms only at Christmas time. You will definitely fall in love with its bright pink, red, yellow, or white flowers. These flowers are sure to lighten up your house and spread Christmas Joy. This is a great christmas present for everyone and easy to care for. It looks dam pretty and you can decorate this plant in ceramic pots. The plant requires only medium sunlight and optimal moisture. Keep this plant in the dark for about 12 hours until the blooming happens.

Cute Christmas Gifts

Bamboo House Plant

You can also gift the Bamboo Plant to your grandparents. This plant symbolizes good luck and fortune and it also makes your house better looking. This type of plant requires sunlight and water on a daily basis and you can keep these beautiful plants in moist places. These are the best Christmas gift ideas for everyone that I personally like the most and my favorite too.

Lucky Bamboo


Everyone loves orchids and they symbolized elegance, beauty and bring out the exotic nature of things. Orchids come in various colors and shapes and they are easy to maintain as well as only requiring watering every 10 days and need to keep away from direct sunlight. So start gifting orchids and make them a perfect Christmas gift.

Cute Christmas Gifts

Christmas Plant (Araucaria)

Christmas is all about decorating Araucaria the symbol of this festival. Surprise your beloved ones with the tree on Christmas evening. Be someone’s secret Santa and surprise them with these cute Christmas gifts.

Christmas Tree

Cute Christmas Gifts For Your Family

Christmas is the time when the entire family comes together and the most difficult task is to find the right presents for your family members including brother, sister, mother, and father. Everyone sings Christmas carols together and then they go to the church and have a meal together. For your Dad, you can choose gifts like a nice wooden photo frame, for your sister you can choose her favorite chocolates or a pair of beautiful earrings. Gift a beautiful gown with matching jewelry to your mother and to your brother, you can choose a wallet, an office bag, or a wine. Other than ideas, you can go for something unique too, like gift hampers from The Body Shop, The Moms co, and The Man Company. What are you waiting for? shop these Christmas gifts today.

Christmas Presents

Cute Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

This Christmas Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend by gifting their lovely gifts and making them feel more special and show them that you really care. For your boyfriend, you can buy a branded watch, beer glass or wine glass, a wallet, and footwear. For a girlfriend, you can pick a personalized necklace, Xmas cushion, unique ring, beautiful pendant and of course a box of chocolates and many more. You could have multiple options while thinking about gifts for girlfriend. Start your Christmas shopping today.

Cute Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Cute Christmas Gifts For Friends

Friends are like a family, we laugh together, we cry together, we fight, everything we did together and there is nothing more lovable then buying a gift for your friends on Merry Xmas. For your guy friend, you can buy beer or wine glasses, personalized coffee mug, or a nice shirt or t-shirt. You can also buy a classic watch. For your girlfriend, you can buy photo frames, beautiful Christmas candles, top, or any kind of beautiful accessories, designer dresses, party wear dresses. Don’t forget to wrap them in gift wrapping paper before giving them out.

Cute Christmas Gifts For Friends

Home Décor Ideas For Christmas

So Christmas is almost here and it’s time to decorate your home with beautiful home décor products. On Christmas people love to shop only for two reasons, one is to beautify their home and the other is to send a greeting to their loved ones with awesome gifts. Here are some beautiful and interesting Christmas home décor ideas that you will definitely love.

Home Decoration Ideas For Christmas

Lord Buddha Showpiece

We all respect Lord Buddha because just like Jesus Christ, he also spent his whole life preaching to people the value of love and sacrifice. It’s the symbol of peace and solidarity. Bring this amazing lord Buddha statue showpiece to your place and elevate its beauty. It’s the perfect gift for everyone. Buy today and place it in your drawing-room.

Lord Buddha

Unique & Designer Lamps

One of the most popular festivals is Christmas. People from all over the world wait for this festival. People decorate their houses with red and white theme colors of Christmas. Buy Lamp online and keep it beside your low floor bed on the side table and enjoy your get together with your family and friends.

Designer Lamps

DIY Candles

It’s time to make something new and funky and colorful candles by yourself and for you, that you need some pastel colors, white candles, and eggshells. Wash the eggs with plain water and remove all the yolk and then again wash it with simple water. After drying them color the eggshells with pastel colors and show your creativeness and make beautiful designs on them. Now take white candles and melt them by putting it on a gas or on an oven. Once it melts break the pastel colors of your favorite choice and put them in the wax. Stir for a while so that they mix up properly and pour the colorful wax properly on the center of the eggshells. Wait for it and dry up and keep the egg candles on egg holders in the Christmas evening night and light them up.

Home Decoration Ideas For Christmas

DIY Christmas Tree Décor

We live in the 21st century where everything is available in the market but if you love to decorate your home all by yourself then this idea is just for you. It is a great fun to make these décor items by yourself. Include your other family members too and enjoy the precious time with them. One of the most simple ideas is to take a bulb and use it to beautify your Christmas tree.

Everyone has their bulbs at their homes and some of has stopped working. Take three or four of them and clean them properly. Apply some glue on them and then sprinkle some shiny glitters of various colors on them like red, yellow, pink, golden and many more. Wait for it and dry up and hang them on your Christmas tree with the help of a colorful string. Place your Christmas tree right beside the fireplace or at the center of your big hall. Make your happiness more double on this festive season with DIY Christmas ideas. Try once

Xmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Funny Quotes Shot Glasses

Christmas means parties with friends and close relatives. Buy these cute and funny shot glasses to someone they can use these cute glasses in their parties and of course in the new year. In case if you’re buying for yourself, you can use it as a décor item in your home sweet home. Keep it on your study table or on your coffee table.

Cute Christmas Gifts

Personalized Frames On Wall

Photographs are nothing but it captures a moment that we don’t want to forget for a lifetime. When you look at a photograph, you simply go back in the old memories that you spend with your loved ones. Open your laptop or mobile phone and check the photo gallery and find some best and beautiful photographs. Now place this hanging frame on your drawing room wall or in your room. Your friends and guests will definitely love it and when they see the personalized frames on the wall.

Cute Christmas Gifts

Tips To Organize Your Home On This Christmas

Christmas always comes at the end of the year and it is the time when friends and family come together and exchange good wishes and of course with lovely gifts. Here are some tips to organize your home for the upcoming holiday season.

Home Decoration Ideas For Xmas

Organize Or Re-Organize Your Bookshelf

Christmas is coming and it’s time to decorate your home and re-organize your bookshelf. Add a nice texture to your home and with gift wrap papers you can wrap your books and place them on snowman or Santa on your bookshelf.

Book Shelf

Decorate The Windows Or Doors

On Christmas clean your house properly and don’t forget to clean your windows or doors. Use some ribbons or any other item to decorate your windows and doors. You can also paint your doors with beautiful colors. Don’t forget to buy fancy wreaths to decorate your main door from the front side. All you have to do is just buy two or more beautiful wreaths of mixed color roses and hang them.

Christmas Decoration

Seasonal Scent

You don’t have to buy room fresheners for your home. Just use a bunch of cinnamon sticks in a magnolia garland to spread an exotic and lovely fragrance all over your home. Keep that near the fireplace or anywhere in your drawing-room.

Cute Christmas Gifts

 All these cute Christmas gift ideas are perfect and simple to implement and requires only a few things and it also takes less time. You can also checkout the ways to celebrate christmas in a unique style. So welcome Christmas in an elegant and classic style..!!

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