Coronavirus Symptoms & Precautions – Fight The Virus With These Tips


From the past few months, we all heard about the coronavirus that kills many people from all over the world especially in China. The first coronavirus symptoms were found in Wuhan, China on 31st Dec 2019. Researchers searched that it is started from the Huanan seafood market where fresh and tender chicken is available for 24hrs and was sold illegally. This virus is very dangerous for humans as it kills many peoples and many are suffering from this disease and under treatment. Most of the cases were found in china and soon the virus spread in other countries too.

Precautions Of Coronavirus

WHO (World Health Organization) is working on this new virus and searching for the prevention to protect yourself from coronavirus. If we talked about history, swine flu and the Nipah virus also kill many people’s but the treatment for these diseases are available. Read this full blog to know about coronavirus symptoms and precautions.


Now let’s talk about Coronavirus cases, at least 95,000 people in 66 countries have been infected with the virus including India also. The coronavirus disease impacts everyone’s life especially youth and most of the cases found in young peoples.

US 12

Washington 11

California 1

South Korea 42

China 30 New Cases

So the total numbers of death cases are 3,042 and many are infected by this disease.

What Is Coronavirus?

Corona the word says everything. It’s like a crown-like structure, this virus attacks our body especially our respiratory system and kidneys and enters directly through nose, ears, mouth, eyes. The coronavirus symptoms starts from the common cold, sneezing, muscle cramps, high fever, dry throat, breathing problems and more severe form like SARS and MERS that is life-threatening. Nobody knows how it is spreading very fast, but it’s an idea if a person can sneeze or have a cough, the germs can affect another person and result in they get infected. It is estimated, the countries that have the highest temperature can safe from this disease like India. Still, you have to know about coronavirus symptoms to check whether you and your beloved ones are suffering from coronavirus or not.

Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms And Its Types

There are seven types of coronavirus symptoms found in humans and the most common are OC43 (Beta Coronavirus), 229E (Alpha Coronavirus), NL63 (Alpha Coronavirus), HKU1 (Beta Coronavirus).

Symptoms Of COVID-19

👉 Coughing and sneezing can infect any person. So it’s very important to cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing. Use your handkerchief to protect yourself.

👉 Those who are suffering from common cold or flu can pass the virus from one person to another person. So it is necessary to top touching or shaking hands with the infected person.

👉 Stop avoiding eye contact or close contact with infected persons.

Few Ways To Protect Yourself From COVID – 19

Prevention Of Coronavirus

👉 If your hands are dirty, so it is an advice to wash your hands with soap and water before eating and after eating. You can also use sanitizer from time to time.

👉 Conduct COVID 19 Disinfection in the workplace and hire janitorial cleaning services to ensure disease-causing bacteria and viruses are dealt with in a professional, safe, and legally compliant manner.

👉 Stop touching your mouth, ears, and nose with dirty hands.

👉 Don’t close to those peoples who have cold or flu-like symptoms.

👉 As we all know water is the hero for all your health issues. Drink water as much as you can.

👉 Avoid all the smoky areas and smoking.

👉 Make your immunity strong by taking the good quality of medicines. Because those who have weak immunity can easily grip in coronavirus.

👉 Add lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

👉 Avoid crowded areas

👉 Take care of your children’s and don’t take them in crowded areas.

👉 Wear a coronavirus protection mask in your daily life. This will protect you from coronavirus or any kind of flu.

Is There Any Treatment For Coronavirus?

Right now there is no treatment for this deadly virus but the virus is treated with supportive measures like controlling the fever and cough with medicines. Patients who have a breathing problem, doctors used ventilators and oxygen tanks to support the breathing problems. WHO is continuously working on this new virus to find permanent treatment for this disease. Scientists found a vaccine for this virus which is similar to HIV. It means the medicine for curing the patients is the same that doctors used HIV patients. But it’s a temporary treatment.

Coronavirus Vaccine

Some Facts & Myths About This Disease

Coronavirus outbreak after drinking a bat soup.

The second myth is, this deadly virus comes from the animals.

Some people say that there is no medicine for coronavirus

Facts & Myths

Healthcare professionals are wearing medical face masks but everyone is advised to be wearing masks as well to be protected from coronavirus. However, if the mask doesn’t fit properly, then the air will be passing very easily and you may be infected by the virus.

Are Your Pooch Safe From This Disease?

Well, no need to panic because your dog or cat is safe. World Health Organization (WHO) has said there is no evidence found regarding to animals like dogs or cats can be infected from this disease. And they don’t catch or spread the virus. Still stay safe and protect yourself by washing your hands before and after you interact with your pet. Don’t forget to wear a facemask to reduce the risk of infection. It is very necessary to take care of your pet also. So wipe your pet’s paws with wipes and keep your pets fully immunized at all times. Still, if you have concerns about any coronavirus symptoms, contact the vet immediately. Follow all these basic ways to maintain good hygiene with your pet.

Coronavirus In Pets

Is Travelling Safe During These Days?

Yes, you can travel anywhere except infected countries such as China, South Korea, Italy, Thailand and much more. Before going to visit any country, just search the current situation of that country and then book your tickets according to the current scenario. Keep things in mind to travel somewhere, like take a mask, sanitizer and some medicines to protect yourself from this deadly virus.


In public places, always wear a coronavirus protection mask and wash your hands from time to time especially when you eat something or going in a toilet. Don’t share your used utensils, cups, towels food with an unknown person or travel somewhere. Take care of yourself and your family and stay healthy, fit and fine.

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